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DeakinCo. joins Deakin Business School

The union opens a new chapter of professional development opportunities for alumni, professionals and organisations.

DeakinCo., a leading provider of professional development, tailored learning solutions and industry insights, is delighted to announce its integration into  Deakin Business School. This strategic union marks a significant milestone in their commitment to empowering professionals and organisations with the critical capabilities needed to thrive in the business landscape, and signifies a step forward in enriching the workplace learning journey for Business and Law School alumni.

Angela Girton, CEO and Director, Executive Education at DeakinCo., expressed her enthusiasm for  the change, stating, ‘This strategic alignment with the Deakin Business School reflects our shared commitment to empowering professionals with the skills and knowledge essential for success in business. Together, we will elevate the value proposition for our alumni, providing them and their teams, with tailored programs and resources to thrive.’

Why DeakinCo.?

DeakinCo. offers customised capability framework development, tailored learning solutions, and professional practice credentials, empowering teams, and individuals with critical capabilities for the workplace now and in the future.

DeakinCo.’s forward-thinking approach has consistently delivered value to leaders and the broader business community. By bridging the gap between theory and practice, DeakinCo. has become synonymous with innovation, agility, and evidence-based solutions. Here’s why this union is a positive step forward:

  • Industry Insights: DeakinCo.’s expertise in deciphering industry-specific challenges and organisational dynamics is unparalleled. With a pulse on market trends, the DeakinCo. team provides actionable insights that drive informed decision-making.
  • Tailored Learning & Development (L&D) Solutions: DeakinCo.’s services empower businesses to navigate complexities and seize opportunities. Their tailored L&D solutions enhance workforce capabilities, ensuring sustainable growth.
  • Designing Capability Solutions: DeakinCo.’s commitment to designing customised capability frameworks aligns perfectly with Deakin Business School’s vision. These frameworks, grounded in the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and international standards, empower teams and individuals to excel.
  • Professional Practice Credentials: DeakinCo.’s credentials validate practical skills and competencies, bridging the gap between academia and real-world application.

What does this mean for Deakin Business School Alumni?

DeakinCo.’s extensive suite of customised programs are now available to Business and Law school alumni. The DeakinCo. programs enable you to stay abreast of industry trends, address specific skills, equip you and your workplace with practical skills and industry-relevant knowledge, and bolster expertise in key leadership and learning areas.

Ongoing, DeakinCo. remains dedicated to supporting alumni and their teams throughout their careers providing ongoing guidance, resources, and opportunities for growth and advancement.

For more information about DeakinCo. and its programs, visit www.deakinco.com. For a confidential discussion about professional development and tailored learning solutions for your organisation, contact the DeakinCo. team.

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