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Deakin Business students – strong competitors on the global stage

The 20th global CaseIT MIS Case Competition offered a prestigious opportunity for Deakin Business School information systems students to show off their innovation and professionalism, competing with teams from around the world.

Deakin Business School competed for the first time in February over six intensive days of case preparation,  presentation and networking in Vancouver, Canada.

Teams were assigned timed business challenges to develop solutions and present to a team of judges.

The 5 hour and  24 hour challenges required students to demonstrate analytical skills, critical thinking and innovative responses that showcased the depth of their business and information systems knowledge.

Professor Rens Scheepers was appointed as Academic Mentor to accompany our four high achieving students, who performed strongly in the face of intense competition. (Below, L-R) Professor Rens Scheepers, Hudson Williams, Kaylie Carbis, Bhavya Bagaria, Alannah Petering.

The Deakin team placed between 5th and 8th overall.

Professor Rens Scheepers noted ‘It was my privilege to lead a Deakin University undergraduate student team to compete in this international business IT case competition.’

‘In total, 23 teams comprised of 4 students plus coaches/mentors competed against each other. This included some of the best known business schools in the US, Europe and Asia.’

‘I was superbly impressed by our students, their professionalism and overall performance.’

Our team members reflected positively on the experience. Bhavya Bagaria said, ‘Despite the challenges of a 19-hour time difference and navigating a new format, we jumped right in with determination and enthusiasm. Our success in the competition wouldn’t have been possible without the exceptional efforts of my teammates.’

Hudson Wiiliams said, ‘We were proud to present our 24-hour case in the wildcard positions, ranking within the top 5-8 teams. Our resilience, determination, and consistent efforts were clear and made me truly grateful to be a part of our team.’

The 5-day competition delivered many valuable lessons, which Hudson summarised as:

  • the importance of teamwork, while leveraging individual strengths
  • having confidence in your ability to execute projects effectively
  • how you communicate a solution to stakeholders is as crucial as the recommendation itself.

The team was selected through a competitive selection process, facilitated by our Peer Support and Transition team and the Student Experience Academic Team, chaired by Dr Wendy Webber.

The team was  sponsored by Deakin Business School and this opportunity is just one of many ways our students gain international and hands-on learning experiences beyond the classroom.

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