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Business success in the 2023 Bowater Challenge

The Deakin Bowater Business Challenge gives students an opportunity to gain valuable business experience while assisting a small business to address a complex challenge.

The challenge started with four selected teams being briefed by Arun Marappan, Director of Fully Promoted Mount Waverley. Fully Promoted create uniforms, workwear and clothing for events and the company was faced with the challenge of deciding whether to continue with customisation or introduce standardised garments. Arun hosted a Q&A session in his showroom, answering questions from the finalists and academic mentors. Part of the site visit included a look into the printing and embroidery production room.

Once the students had gathered extensive business information, the teams took time to research the issue and collaborate to come up with a solution and create a presentation for Arun, advising him on the direction he should take his business. The 2023 Bowater Business Challenge showcased the talents of undergraduate students in the field of business strategy and sustainability. The winning team was chosen based on the strength of the solution they presented and each team was awarded a prize for their contribution.

Deakin Bowater Business Challenge is made possible due to the Bowater Trust, which continues to invest in Deakin Business School and its students. Special thanks to Fully Promoted Mount Waverley and Arun Marappan for providing an exciting and meaningful challenge for the participants. Thank you to our Master of Ceremonies, Associate Professor Christine Contessotto, along with our judges Dr Wendy Webber, Dr Lisa McQuilken, and Arun Marappan and our Academic Mentors who supported our finalist teams. 

Congratulations to the following students:

1st Prize: $2,000 awarded to Southwest Consulting
Sebastian Good
Sharna Jenkins
Ben Mcleod
Academic Mentor: Prof. Michael Polonsky

2nd Prize: $1,500 awarded to Promoholic
Quoc Bao Phan
Lara Angela Oana
Darren Simbarashe Shonhai
Henry Fung
Academic Mentor: A/Prof. Sagarika Mishra

3rd Prize: $1000 awarded to Munchies
Viet Huy Nguyen
Victoria Soong
Clive Chiew
Sonia Graciela
Academic Mentor: Dr. Adnan Yusuf

4th Prize: $500 awarded to ZGC Consulting Group 
Zoe Elise Armitage
Chad John Gai Jal
Geshna Devi Seeram
Jagveer Singh
Academic Mentor: Dr. Joseph Griffin

Our thanks 

Thanks to the unwavering support of the Bowater Trust, Fully Promoted Mount Waverley, academic mentors, and judges. As the legacy of the competition grows, we eagerly await the 2024 Deakin Bowater Business Challenge.

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