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The Deakin Sport Management Prize Ceremony Winners 2023

Our recent 2023 Sport Management Prize Ceremony recognised ten top performers for their exceptional performance in their sport management studies at Deakin. Congratulations to all winners from this night for their outstanding efforts.

The winners of the 2023 Sport Management Prize Ceremony, listed by category and sponsor, include:


Top Graduand in Bachelor of Business (Sport Management)
Sponsored by Australian Football League 
Joachim Bardrum 


Best student in Sport Marketing
Sponsored by Australian Football League 
Callum McIlveen


Best strategic marketing plan in Sport Marketing
Sponsored by Netball Australia
Harrison Zanko & Angus Collins


Best student in Sport and the Law
Sponsored by Melbourne Cricket Club
Callum McIlveen


Top Graduand in Bachelor of Sport Development
Sponsored by Basketball Victoria 
Philip Stewart


Best case study in Sport Marketing
Sponsored by Bowls Australia 
Lea Staeger


Best student in Sport Governance
Sponsored by Sportscover
Alex Fergusson


Best case study in Strategic Management
Sponsored by Cricket Victoria 
Scott Meager


Top Graduand in Master of Business (Sport Management)
Sponsored by Tennis Australia
James McKeag


In an acceptance speech during the ceremony, James McKeag, winner of Tennis Australia’s Top Graduand in Master of Business (Sport Management), said:

“We've got an incredible decade of sport coming up in Australia and as an alumni of Deakin I'm incredibly excited to see Deakin hold a position in shaping the conversation and enabling a generation of sport managers who I guess will be performing key roles across every part of the industry. Jonathan (Robertson) and Scott (Field), thank you for truly going above and beyond any reasonable expectation of providing a good student experience, your countless hours spent in and outside of class has changed my life immeasurably for the better. 

…To the members of Deakin Faculty who made studying sport such a blast. Hunter, Steve, Andrew, Damian, Campbell, Mark, and Josh. Thank you for your time, advice, and patience. I'm privileged now to call you friends and colleagues. And David (Shilbury), thank you for the work you do in making studying sport at Deakin so rewarding. 

…(Thank you to) all of tonight's award sponsors for generously supporting the efforts and accomplishments of students, and particularly, I guess, personal thanks to Karen and all of Tennis Australia, to everyone behind the scenes at Deakin who helps keep the lights on the wheels turning who provide contemporary and challenging curriculum, and promote such deep and valuable links with industry which makes our degrees so valuable in the sports sector, thanks to all of you, to friends and family who supports along the way.”

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