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DBS collaborates with industry to co-design a new qualification in recruitment and talent acquisition

A collaboration between Deakin Business School and the Recruitment, Consulting & Staffing Association offers students a much-needed pathway to a professional career recruitment and talent acquisition.

As we experience the most significant talent crisis in Australia’s history, the need for qualified experts in the field of talent acquisition continues to grow. 

When the Recruitment, Consulting & Staffing Association (RCSA) observed a lack of suitably qualified recruitment and talent acquisition professionals, they approached Deakin Business School to discuss a collaboration. The partnership proved fruitful with it leading to the development of the Graduate Certificate of Recruitment and Talent Acquisition – the first course of its kind in Australia. 

The high demand for qualified industry professionals  

Charles Cameron, CEO of RCSA, believes this course will address the significant skills gap in the field. “We didn’t have a qualification in recruitment and talent acquisition in Australia despite the fact that work, how people find work, and supporting businesses to achieve their goals with great talent, is such a critical part of the way we do business in Australia and New Zealand,” he says.  

Dr Justine Ferrer, a senior lecturer in Deakin Business School, has been involved in the development of the course since the initial conversations. With less than 29% of people working in this growth industry currently hold a postgraduate qualification, she says the course is expected to be popular with people hoping to progress their career. “The course will give those working in the industry improved job prospects or opportunities for promotions,” Dr Justine Ferrer says. “For others it provides the opportunity to step into a growth industry.”  

According to Charles Cameron, the importance of the industry can’t be understated. “There is a lot that can be benefited from great recruitment and staffing consulting and there is a lot that can go wrong as well,” he says. “There really are only a few events in life that can impact people at such a high level so it is critical that a professional service is delivered. Obtaining work is such an enabler both financially and from a self-worth point of view.” 

Industry endorsed to ensure relevancy 

The industry support and encouragement for this course is significant. “This is a course that it has been co-designed with industry,” Dr Justine Ferrer explains. “Not only RCSA, but we've worked with different industry professionals to ensure that we are delivering something that's applicable and relevant to everyone.”  

The course has also been designed in collaboration with students to ensure it meets the needs of the target audience. This high level of consultation ensures graduates have the capacity to excel. “It’s really important that we understand what it means to get recruitment right and to deliver great professional outcomes for candidates, workers, clients, and the economy,” Charles Cameron says.  

The industry itself has seen substantial growth and development the course responds to these changed circumstances. “How we do recruitment and talent acquisition has become more sophisticated,” Dr Justine Ferrer says. “There are more technologies involved and there's more awareness of the biases that can be in brought into processes. We also have a greater awareness of how to address these biases.”  

Becoming skilled in recruitment and talent acquisition not only sets you up for a growth industry career. It allows you to make a tangible difference to people’s lives. Charles Cameron explains: “There is a ripple effect that you can have if you find somebody and give them access to the labour market that maybe they’ve never had before – that’s done through great professional recruitment and staffing consultants.”  



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