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Experts from across the globe set to attend Deakin’s 2022 Artificial Intelligence Festival

Deakin Business School is set to host an annual flagship event, welcoming Artificial intelligence experts from around the world to showcase their expertise.

Deakin’s 2022 Artificial Intelligence Festival

Artificial intelligence (AI) experts from across the world are set to showcase their expertise at Deakin Business School’s (DBS) annual flagship event.

Leading  Australian and international experts will explore the expanding impact of AI across business and social landscapes at Deakin Business School’s (DBS) AI Festival on AI for Business and Social Impact

Hosted by DBS’s new Centre for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Future of Business, the two-day festival (30 Nov-1 Dec 2022) is tailored for forward-thinking executives and will examine the application of state-of-art AI applications across a wide range of industries. 

Centre Director, Professor Hind Benbya, says that AI has the potential to help tackle some of the world’s most challenging business and social problems.  

‘The aim of the festival is to share the latest thinking about fast -emerging areas and meaningful problems that can be solved by AI alongside other technologies. We are interested in meaningful problems that can be solved by one or more AI capability,’ she says. 

Scope for greater AI growth and application 

Following the success of the 2021  inaugural festival, which was themed around the future of work, this year’s event brings together leaders from industry, government, and academia who will showcase the latest AI advances and their impact on business and society. 

Prof. Hind says that while there’s been progress in the application of AI across the finance, manufacturing and healthcare industries, there’s still scope for growth. 

‘Although we have moved beyond separate tasks towards models and applications that combine AI capabilities – for example, computer vision, speech and language – alongside other technologies and advanced analytics, we are still very far from the AI that’s promoted in the science fiction realms. To some extent this creates both unrealistic hype and expectations around AI as well as a lot of scepticism from diverse stakeholders.’ 

Diverse topics from wide representation of AI experts 

Featuring speakers from a broad cross-section of industries, large companies and SMEs, topics will cover the role that AI plays in the future of finance, trust and inclusivity, governance, creativity and innovation, new organizational forms, and scaling for business and social impact. 

‘We’ll be exploring issues around developing inclusive, fair and sustainable credit, fighting financial crime, disrupting hiring bias with AI, contributing to safety and environmental outcomes in the mining industry, using AI for customised healthcare, and amplifying human creativity and innovation with AI. Some of the companies represented include Orica, IAG, IBM, SAP, CSIRO, Red Marble AI, Sapia, RDC, Opyl, and Dataiku,’ says Prof. Hind. 

Deakin’s Centre for AI and the Future of Business 

This year’s festival also coincides with the official launch of Deakin’s Centre for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Future of Business – a leading, multidisciplinary centre based in DBS that connects industry, academia and government through a shared focus on how AI technologies can reduce inequalities.  

Prof. Hind says by partnering with industry, not-for-profit organisations and government, the aim of this innovative centre is to provide thought leadership, research and education on AI and the future of business. 

‘Its goal is to inspire business leaders, practitioners and policymakers with insights and frameworks to rise to the challenges created by artificial intelligence technologies and leverage AI more effectively to reduce inequalities.’ 

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