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Free Deakin online course trains leaders in crisis management

Why is leadership crucial in a crisis? Develop the skills you need to effectively navigate crisis management.

In the complex, fast-paced 21st century environment, leaders around the globe often face major challenges such as managing a crisis.

Leading an organisation through turbulence requires not only specialised knowledge but also the skills to manage fallouts, identify learning opportunities, and prevent future problems.

If you need to build your crisis management know-how for the challenges that can impact organisations of any size, Deakin is now offering an outstanding opportunity to join its Crisis Leadership course for free.

High-quality program designed by Deakin’s leadership experts

Available on the FutureLearn platform, this three-week course has been developed by  some of Deakin Business School (DBS) leadership experts including Dr Fannie WuAssociate Professor Jeff Shao, and  Professor Alexander Newman.

Dr Wu, the program’s lead educator, says DBS academics have combined their expertise and experience to develop a high-quality program tailored for current, emerging, and aspiring leaders.

‘While it’s designed to help leaders acquire the knowledge and skills that are required to effectively lead others through a crisis, it’s also beneficial for those in managerial roles who aspire to be future leaders,’ she says.

Self-paced flexible learning

Fully online and flexible, the course covers key topics such as “crises and crisis leadership”, “personal attributes for effective crisis leadership”, and “strategies of effective leaders in times of crisis”. 

The program’s 24/7 self-paced learning structure enables you to meet other global learners, apply new learning, and unpack a variety of tools and capabilities needed to manage organisational challenges.

Skills to remain effective in extraordinary contexts

With resource-rich content, the program delves into the different types of crises, explores case studies, and offers the skills and strategies needed for effective crisis management in real-world, contemporary contexts.

‘Over a three-week period, participants will explore concepts, theories, and examples related to crisis leadership through engaging with a variety of resources, including article reading, case studies, videos, peer discussion, and interactive exercises. The course production process also involves the participation of industry leaders such as Damien Hodgkinson, the Executive Director of Melbourne International Comedy Festival,’ says Dr Wu.

‘The learning and resources offered by this course help both leaders who aspire to pursue a career in crisis management and others who seek to develop essential skills to remain effective in extraordinary contexts.’

With easy online enrolment, Deakin’s Crisis Leadership course is available here

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