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MBA Masterclasses are now Deakin “stackables”

Deakin’s widely-acclaimed MBA Masterclasses are now at the heart of a university-wide program of stackable short courses.

Expanding on the model of rapid-knowledge growth, Deakin’s “stackables” address the changing face of university education by providing flexible, in-demand, industry-based skills that can also be “stacked” or credited towards a postgraduate qualification.

Each course is fast, affordable, and co-designed with industry so it provides you with specific skills designed to take your career further, faster. 

How does it work?

Depending on the course you choose, stackables are structured either on-demand or as a masterclass. 

On-demand courses are fully-online and self-paced which means you can start anytime and choose to complete the course between six and 24 weeks. During this time you’ll also have support from Deakin’s teaching staff and be able to attend fortnightly drop-in sessions.

Masterclasses have a set start and end date and are usually completed over four to eight weeks.  Attendance is required for some industry-led seminars and you’ll need to pass an assessment task to receive the digital certificate of completion.

Stack your way to a Deakin MBA

Delivered in masterclass mode, all Deakin MBA Masterclasses are now embedded in Deakin’s suite of stackable short courses.

While one course is designed to make an immediate impact on your career, two (or more) courses can be stacked towards a Deakin postgraduate degree which can reduce both your study duration and tuition fees.

This means if you’re undertaking (or considering) Deakin’s highly-regarded MBA, two masterclasses can be stacked together offering you valuable credit for one MBA elective unit.

Designed and led by industry experts

To ensure they’re aligned with current and emerging trends, stackable short courses are co-designed and delivered by Deakin’s industry partners and experts.

Each course is linked to current and future employment demands and allows you to explore contemporary trends and issues with industry leaders.

The participation of industry professionals means that whichever course you choose, you’ll complete a real-world project which not only strengthens your professional profile but helps future-proof your career.

Plan your year of professional development 

With 18 study topics on offer, Deakin’s stackable short courses also offer you the opportunity to plan a full year of professional development.

As well as gaining valuable credit towards a Deakin postgraduate degree, studying multiple short courses allows you to build a set of tailored qualifications that blend unique career-empowering skills and knowledge. 

More information on Deakin’s stackable short course program for 2022 can be found here

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