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Digital innovation with a European flavour

Based in both Australia and France, a new dual degree gives students a deep, internationally-focused understanding of digital business.

Deakin postgraduate students now have the opportunity to internationalise their business analytics degree by studying at one of France’s leading business schools.

In a partnership between Deakin Business School (DBS) and the prestigious NEOMA Business School, Deakin’s Master of Business Analytics course has combined with NEOMA’s TEMA – Innovation and Digital Management program to deliver a new dual-master’s degree in business analytics.

TEMA Director Anne-Laure Herard says the combined Master of Business Analytics/ TEMA– Innovation and Digital Management delivers a deep understanding of business analytics as well as the ability to efficiently lead analytics-based projects and manage teams in an international environment.

‘In the era of the digital revolution, TEMA is an innovative master’s program to train managers in multiple skills: to be agile in a digital environment, creative, open to the world and imbued with the spirit of enterprise. All these skills are sought after by businesses as the economy undergoes digitization,’ she explains.

With three campuses in Reims, Rouen, and Paris, NEOMA Business School is a highly ranked, triple-accredited French business school that’s renowned for its strong international network and innovative pedagogy.

Students undertake a year (or equivalent) of study at both Deakin and NEOMA with the TEMA course – all taught in English – covering units that include Business Analytics, Project Management Methodologies, Digital Business Strategy, Supply Chain Optimisation, and Change Management in IT Environment.

In second semester, students complete a compulsory three-to-six-month internship that provides significant professional experience.

Ms Herard says the new program provides an outstanding opportunity for both TEMA and Deakin students to study abroad in complementary courses that are designed to enrich professional skills.

‘Alongside the studies specifically dedicated to data analytics at Deakin, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of management in IT environment when studying at NEOMA. They will also experience the innovative teaching method of learning by doing, which is part of TEMA program’s approach,’ she says.

Each year, NEOMA Business School hosts more than 1,100 international students which creates a unique learning environment representing at least 100 different nationalities.

Ms Herard says that daily multicultural exchanges – both inside and outside the classroom – fosters a community at NEOMA Business School that’s truly representative of world-wide diversity. 

‘As future managers, students really need to go abroad and experiment with different cultures and approaches. Studying one year abroad delivers a better understanding other cultures and helps student be more agile in an international environment – an attribute that’s crucial in today’s business world.’

Dr Ali Tamaddoni, Course Director for DBS’s Master of Business Analytics, says the dual degree gives Deakin students the opportunity to not only complete part of their master’s degree in a high-ranking European business school but also experience two cultures and two educational systems in one program.

‘The course takes advantage of the common core units between Master of Business Analytics from Deakin and Master of Digital and Innovation Management from NEOMA and combines these, offering two degrees in one course. In addition to the European internship, the course also includes a built-in research component in the form of a master’s thesis,’ he explains.

With career outcomes including data scientist, data analyst, customer insight analyst, and customer experience analyst, Dr Tamaddoni says the combined degree is designed to build a professional, globally-focused portfolio of skills. 

‘Added to the core units, the embedded international research and work experience enables Deakin graduates to showcase stand-out skills that are highly competitive in both the local and the international job market.’ 

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