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Flourishing Organizations in Times of Change, a Dynamic Capabilities View


Today’s business environment is changing more rapidly than ever: from swift changes in information and communication technology to ever-changing customer preferences, and from economic cycles and crisis to rapid expansion of international competition. Researchers term this environment as hyper-turbulent and signify organizations need to obtain new resources, develop new set of capabilities, and adapt to new circumstances to be able to compete and survive on new market conditions. The dynamic capabilities view offers a contemporary approach on how competitive advantage is attained and sustained in such environments by sensing opportunities and threats, seizing opportunities, and orchestrating resources and capabilities.

The Department of Information Systems and Business Analytics (DISBA) will be hosting a webinar with two panellists, Mr William Confalonieri (Chief Digital Officer, Deakin University) and Dr Behrooz Hassani Mahmooei (Principal Specialist and Director at Strategic Intelligence and InSights Unit, Monash University). They will share their views on “how organizations can flourish in a changing environment”. Further, they will discuss in such environments, how managerial decisions can benefit from data, analytics, and artificial intelligence. The webinar will be hosted by Dr Reza Kachouie (Deakin University) and will conclude with a Q&A session. We hope that you will find this webinar both intellectually stimulating and relevant in the current changing environment.