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MBA boosts career skills and confidence


Finance professional Kellie Inglis broadens her professional and personal capabilities with a Deakin MBA.

The decision to combine postgraduate study with a raft of personal and professional responsibilities isn’t always an easy one.

But for Kellie Inglis, her decision to complete a Deakin MBA holds no regrets and is one that’s enriched her professional skills, knowledge and networks.

With a long career in Australia’s private and institutional banking industry, Kellie is an associate director with one of the nation’s leading banks where she provides financial insight, advice and analysis for a large portfolio of clients.

Although she was initially concerned about juggling full-time work with study, being able to customise her study to match her personal and professional commitments proved a huge benefit.

‘My Deakin learning experience was fantastic,’ she says. ‘I completed the course through a blend of on-campus, online and intensive residential-study modes … I was also fortunate to be given a leave of absence to be a full-time student for one trimester. This was an enormous benefit in terms of completing additional subjects and allowing more time to delve into the course work.  Added to that, I also completed an overseas study tour in 2018 in Germany which was an amazing experience.’

Kellie’s overseas study unit – The Changing Environment for International Business in Europe – was a two-week intensive at the WHU–Otto Beisheim School of Management in Germany.

Studying in a cohort of international students, she says it was like undertaking a ‘mini-MBA’ through the business lens of Europe.

‘We worked in teams for the unit’s deliverables and visited sites such as the European Central Bank and Commerzbank as well as a boutique winery so we could see first-hand the practical applications of our learning. We were also free to travel on the weekends which gave us the opportunity to visit European cities for a full cultural experience.’

While Kellie’s study/career juggle could sometimes be challenging (especially in the lead-up to assignment deadlines and exams), she still managed to notch up a significant career achievement with the ‘CEO Award for Individual Service for Institutional Banking and Markets’ recognising her commitment to the organisation’s strategic priorities, vision and values.

Reflecting on her MBA learning, Kellie says it not only boosted her career capabilities but also her confidence.

‘A number of the units challenged my thought processes and provided a different perspective which I draw upon when managing complex workplace scenarios today. I particularly remember one lecturer referencing the following quote “I’m not here to teach you to be accountants, but I’m here to show you how to critically evaluate the data placed in front of you; what is this information really telling you?” Every day I apply this lens to situations that arise in my workplace.’

At a personal level, she’s gained enhanced skills in time-management, planning, presentation, collaboration and communication.

‘The MBA is an all-encompassing business course that’s given me the confidence and knowledge to use my skills more broadly. While Deakin has excellent cloud and online resources available, I also found the on-campus experience highly beneficial for my learning and the opportunity to meet other students was invaluable.’

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