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Banking on the big picture

A unit on international banking and finance that offered a perfect blend of theoretical and practical learning was a game-changer for this MBA (International) student.

When Shriya Sivaji began a unit on International Banking and Finance for her Deakin Master of Business Administration (International) (MBAI) she was apprehensive as the subject was a departure from her core interest of marketing. No one was more surprised than Shriya herself when she became fascinated with all that she was learning and how much she could build on it by engaging with current financial news and trends.

The unit captivated Shriya with its combination of theoretical knowledge and practical application.

“The assignments challenged every student to not only prepare themselves with the trading platform know-hows, but also with the current trade and financial affairs happening across the globe,” Shriya said.

“I soon found myself to be an independent learner, engrossed in this assignment where I kept myself updated with the weekly lectures as well as the foreign currency market fluctuations.”

For Shriya, an international student from India who was born and raised in the UAE, the unit was a game changer.

“Completion of this unit has definitely raised my confidence to explore above and beyond my comfort zone.”

MBAI student Shriya Sivaji

Shriya’s professional history includes working as an audit assistance with Deloitte, but her primary career passion has always been marketing. She nevertheless could see the value of a broader degree that would enable her to be “adept in different fields of commerce rather than just entirely specialising in one subject”.

It was a good call for Shriya, who says Deakin’s MBAI was a fantastic springboard for her career in Australia.

“Deakin has opened doors of opportunities for me in terms of career, academic and extra-curricular [activities]. I secured a client management position at a digital marketing firm in Hawthorn through Deakin Talent, became a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society through exclusive invitation, and have found myself proactively involved in various Deakin clubs and societies. All in the span of just a few months.”

“This journey with Deakin has revealed a new learning curve every single day, and I can’t wait to find out what’s awaiting next.”

Shriya says she is still keen on a marketing-focused career and has been inspired by her lecturers’ industry expertise and research credentials. She is looking forward to undertaking a marketing research internship with Deakin senior lecturer Dr Michael Valos as part of Deakin’s Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program.

When she looks to the future, five or ten years down the track, Shriya sees herself “combining analytical and creativity skills to work for a reputable, inspiring company in Australia”.

“Everything I have been learning in my degree will aid my future career, I am sure of that. My core interests are campaign managing, public relations and communication, digital marketing and brand management. I aspire to work, deep-rooted in one these fields, as a part of a creative team and a diverse culture.”

What advice would Shriya give other international students contemplating an MBA?

“Think about Deakin’s MBA (International)! I did, and I’ve never looked back.”

Deakin’s internationally focused version of the MBA includes a business internship experience and opportunities to participate in overseas study tours which combine academic study with visits to professional bodies in host countries.

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