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Navigating Building Defects: from Cause to Effect

An education series for understanding multi-owned properties, Deakin's first Strata Concepts event.

Residential multi-owned properties (strata schemes) in Australia are infected with defects. ‘Navigating Building Defects: from Cause to Effect’ is a 1-day intensive program for strata management professionals that builds on the recent work of Dr Nicole Johnston from Deakin University as featured on the ABC’s Four Corners and 7.30 Report.

This program is designed for owners corporation managers, body corporate managers, resident building managers, and facility managers across all Australian states and territories and covers the main forms of building defects including water penetration, fire safety and structural failures.

At this exclusive event, you will develop skills and be given valuable tools and resources to navigate a clear pathway for you and your strata schemes through the confusing and increasingly complex building defect issues now facing managers and owners including:

  • Understanding building defects: the common types of building defects and their causes will be explained in a non-technical way with diagrams and factsheets for your staff and clients. A better understanding of the types of defects infecting buildings will help you explain the cause and effect of these defects to your owners and identify the most appropriate consultants to assist in the assessment and rectification of building defects.  
  • Managing rectification pathways: best practice guides for strata, building and facility managers in handling building defects rectification will be provided and discussed (with tailored advice and tools for each state and territory). These ‘HOW TO’ guides cover the rectification pathways, participating in settlement negotiations, supporting litigation and administering rectification agreements. The toolkit will include ready to use client fact sheets, precedent motions, email templates, and due diligence checklists. 
  • Defect crisis management: recent defect-related emergency evacuations of strata buildings throughout Australia highlight the need for building defect crisis management plans and protocols. This part of the program includes information and guidance about: planning meetings, communicating with residents, security measures, dealing with media, understanding the psychological impacts for owners, residents and management staff, ensuring safety, and liaising with authorities.

About Deakin Strata Concepts 

As a teaching and learning institution, Deakin University is well placed to provide education services for professionals working, directly or indirectly, with multi-owned properties.

Deakin University’s Strata Concepts is an education series that equips professionals with the relevant skills, tools and insights to better understand the strata environment which in turn leads to improved outcomes for clients. The programs are delivered over 1 or 2 days and are facilitated by expert University-trained educators and specialist industry partners. A unique feature of this series is the practical tools supplied with each presentation that help you effectively and efficiently discharge your duties and responsibilities.