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Find out how you can become a consumer behaviour expert

Deakin launches leading-edge Bachelor of Marketing (Psychology) degree.

What determines human decision making? Is it culture, personality, and lifestyle? Is it our social environment and our friend groups? Can the media we consume or the ads we see make a difference? 

Answering these questions has kept the marketing industry consumed for as long as it has existed.

To give aspiring marketing professionals a leading edge in consumer behaviour knowledge, Deakin University is introducing a brand new degree that hones in on the development of creative marketing solutions, while providing an understanding of the psychological factors behind them. 

Set to launch in Trimester 1 2020, the Bachelor of Marketing (Psychology) provides unique expertise that’s in demand across a plethora of industries. 

Understanding the changing face of marketing

Course director Virginia (Gini) Weber, who lectures in the Department of Marketing at Deakin Business School (DBS), says that the industry graduates are entering into is changing rapidly, with advancements in technology, AI, and automation creating a new playing field.

Not too long ago, marketing was understood simply as supply chain logistics and advertising.Today we know it as a vast array of different intersecting elements, comprising everything from product design to sales, marketing communications, research, insights and more.

Gini explains that taking this changing environment into account, DBS looks toward the future and aims to provide targeted education that’s designed to prepare graduates for flexible and independent careers in a fast-paced environment. 

“There’s a strong need for specialised skills in marketing and one of these is the ability to understand customers and draw insights from consumer research. The Bachelor of Marketing (Psychology) degree will enable our graduates to do just that,” Gini says. 

Combining the best of both worlds through practical application

This leading-edge degree is specifically targeted towards students who have an interest in human behaviour, but would prefer a career that focuses more on the practical applications of this knowledge outside of counselling and clinical psychology. 

The course content has been developed around the idea of providing a unique skill set and understanding of consumers and their motivations, Gini explains. 

As marketers we are ultimately aiming to deliver value to a consumer; in order to do so, we need to understand our audience. Who is our consumer? What do they value? How do we need to communicate with them?

“Because of the strong research focus and hands-on learning experiences in this degree, students will gain an in-depth understanding of psychology and human motivations and how all of these pieces fit together in practical, real-world settings,” Gini says. 

Providing a unique fast-track to your chosen career

Another advantage of this new course is that students can complete it over three years’ full-time study (or part-time equivalent), rather than having to undertake a four-year double degree. 

Gini explains that the Bachelor of Marketing (Psychology) is streamlined, with a heavy focus on practical work experience.

We want to give students the knowledge they need to set themselves up for an adaptable, successful and independent career in this area in a shorter time frame. This will ultimately assist them with getting a head-start in a very competitive environment.

Offered at the Melbourne Burwood Campus or via the Cloud (online), applications for the Bachelor of Marketing (Psychology) are now open. Find out more and apply today.

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