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Property provides a dynamic, global career

Deakin graduate Amaanullah Dilmohamed is forging a career in the thriving property market of Mauritius.

With its reputation for fluctuating trends and ever-changing scenarios, the real estate and property market is often seen as the setting for a dynamic and rewarding career. 

It’s a sector that holds a wide scope of roles including the niche area of property development, management and valuation.

Generally, a property valuer works independently of real estate agent by providing an estimate of the true value of a property for banks and other financial lending organisations.

It’s in this area that Deakin Business School’s (DBS) Graduate Diploma of Property, Amaanullah Dilmohamed is now forging a new career.

Amaanullah, who also has an undergraduate honours degree in business administration, completed his studies off-campus from his home in Mauritius (which boasts a thriving property market) where he works as a market analyst and junior property valuer.

He says the Deakin property course provided him with the professional stepping stone he needed.

‘My career as a property valuer began with my Deakin course and I’m now aspiring to become an associate member of the Australian Property Institute (API),’ he says.

Initially, he was inspired to pursue a career in property valuation by his uncle who is a fellow of the API.

He says one of the main attractions of a career in property valuation lies in its diversity.

‘Every task is different as no property is identical. I love the aspect that every property valuation assignment is a new and distinct challenge.’

Accredited by the API, Deakin’s Graduate Diploma of Property is specifically designed for professionals who want to broaden their careers in the built environment or who, like Amaanullah, want to kick-start a new career avenue.

With flexible, online delivery it also meant that Amaanullah could pursue his Deakin studies from the other side of the world with all the benefits of an on-campus student.

He says the course was ‘very well planned and delivered’ with the content matching his every-day professional experiences as a valuer.

‘Deakin Cloud Campus enabled me to be very flexible in my allocation of “study” time, work and family time. I was able to learn at my own pace and fit my studies around my existing routine. Additionally, it allowed downloads of lectures and contents which later became very useful for reviewing and referencing.’

The course brings together a range of built-environment disciplines while also exploring property through the lens of sustainability and its economic, social and environmental relevance.

Amaanullah says that a career anchored in the property sector holds enduring and dynamic appeal.

‘Property ownership has existed since man created shelter to protect himself from the elements. I believe that as a sector, property will always thrive as it’s an essential part of human needs.’

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