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MBA (International) inspires new career direction

Seema Rajaram says the MBA (I) provides the ‘perfect environment’ for notching up her career.

When Seema Rajaram was exploring international MBA (Master of Business Administration) options, she was looking at universities that would help her establish a career in business.

Originally from Bangalore, Seema had completed an undergraduate arts and humanities degree (with honours in English Studies) before embarking on a career in advertising and marketing.

However after working for five years with some of world’s largest marketing agencies, she wanted to explore her entrepreneurial interests and began searching for MBA programs across the USA, Canada and Australia. 

‘During this process, I connected with friends who had graduated from Deakin University and received some very positive reviews from them about the university, the flexibility of the programs offered to the encouragement and assistance that students receive from the faculties,’ she says.

With this in mind, Seema chose Deakin’s MBA International program – an internationally-focused version of the university’s highly-recognised MBA program that develops management and leadership skills within the global environment.

‘With my background in digital marketing and social media, I had initially decided to pursue a specialisation in marketing. However, as the course progressed and I sought advice from my professors, peers and student advisors, I realised the other various opportunities available and decided to take up a specialisation in Business Consulting,’ she explains.

Seema says that while the program is challenging, it’s perfect for her future study and career goals.

‘I know I am learning and growing and doing things outside of my comfort zone, this is exactly what I came here for. The subjects are very interesting and assignments are built in such a way that it requires a practical application of the theory to solve real world business problems…this blend of learning and applying theory is a crucial learning outcome of this program,’ she says.

Regularly attending university-organised events, Seema has also built a strong social and professional network of people from different cultures, backgrounds and experiences.

‘One of the most important aspects of pursuing an MBA(I) is to build a strong professional network, develop new skills and fine-tune existing ones and Deakin has the right environment to nurture and cater to all of these outcomes.’

Happily, she’s also been able to secure several job opportunities which have helped her understand the Australian work environment.

‘I first found employment through a job expo that was organised by Deakin a month after I landed in Melbourne. As an international student, this was a big deal for me. I gained an understanding of the Australian job market and what employers are looking for. Securing my first job was a crucial step because it was testament to the fact that someone in Australia believed in my skills and was willing to give me an opportunity,’ she says.

Seema is currently working in a casual role with Deakin’s central marketing team as a Social Media Co-ordinator where she helps manage Deakin’s social media advertising activities for the Australian market. 

With the end of her MBA(I) studies in sight, she says the course has given her the opportunity to re-define her career goals, build knowledge and skills, and expand her professional networks in Australia.

‘Deakin’s academic and professional staff are also very approachable and willing to assist with course and career advice … the MBA(I) program creates the perfect environment for students who are looking to advance their career and take it up a notch by putting in their best efforts.’

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