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MBA International delivers knowledge, skills and confidence.

‘The MBA (I) has helped not only to shape my future goals but also my personal development.’

When Rui Li was looking for an international university to complete her postgraduate studies, she was looking for one that provided her with opportunities for both personal and professional development.

While she says Deakin is a popular choice for many Chinese students, she was drawn to the Deakin Business School’s MBA (International) program because of its highly-ranked reputation and work-integrated learning.

‘Deakin also offered opportunities and networks for employment and voluntary positions along with programs for personal development.’

With an undergraduate degree in IT from the Beijing Union University, Rui acknowledges that she’s now on a very different – but important – study journey as she seeks new knowledge and skills in marketing and management.

‘Initially, everything was very different because I am from a non-commerce background and I’ve had to learn marketing and business knowledge and improve my skills in these areas. However an MBA is very important as it’s the qualification that’s needed in China if you want a career in leadership or management,’ she says.

Like many international students, Rui has also had to undertake her studies in language that’s not her own.

‘I come from a non-English background so that has meant a few more challenges however while language was initially a barrier, as I progressed with my English-language skills then things went well.’

One of the aspects she’s most enjoying about studying an MBA(I) is that, unlike in maths and science disciplines, there is no definitive right or wrong answers.

‘The content of the course is very interesting, there’s a great diversity of students, your views and opinions are always taken into consideration which is a good thing,’ she says.

The core unit of work-integrated learning has delivered important benefits for Rui and she says it’s the opportunity to apply classroom learning in a real-world context.

‘It provides great exposure to the working environment in Australia and gives you experience of actually applying your knowledge and the theories you’ve learned.’

Rui has been actively involved with student life at Deakin’s Melbourne Burwood Campus and participated in the mentorship program, resume building workshop, on-campus voluntary activities and also worked an international student advisor.

‘This involves helping students during orientation, delivering presentations that offer study tips and advice, helping out with international student festivals and study programs.’

After graduation, Rui is looking forward to returning to China and pursuing a career in marketing.

‘The MBA(I) has helped not only to shape my future goals but also my personal development as I’ve been able to boost my confidence and enhance my knowledge. It has really helped develop my marketing skills and provided me with foundation to work in that field.’

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