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A life-changing study with Deakin’s MBA International program.

Studying Deakin’s MBA International program enabled Rishabh Bhaskar to achieve remarkable personal and professional goals.











Before deciding to move to Australia and study a Master of Business Administration –International at Deakin Business School (DBS), Rishabh Bhaskar first explored a wide range of universities and course offerings in the search for his (almost) perfect tertiary match.

With an undergraduate degree in information technology from the Jaypee University of Information Technology (India), Rishabh was looking for a university that best suited his personality and would also help him achieve his study and career goals.

Specialising his degree with management consulting, Rishabh not only achieved remarkable study results but also an outstanding career milestone with the offer of a graduate position with KPMG Australia, one of the world’s leading professional service organisations.

Delighted with this appointment, Rishabh says it’s important to be passionate and focused about study and career goals.

‘My thirst for gaining relevant knowledge about business administration, and making myself employable for management consulting role, drove me to gain business experience while studying my degree.’

He adds that the MBA(I)’s course delivery – along with its wide offering of specialisations and tailored support for international students – are among the program’s many strengths.

‘The DBS lecturers are well versed and have a lot of knowledge and all the Deakin staff are very helpful. It’s a very good university for international students who are eager to learn, grow and build their careers – it helps build your confidence and the fundamental knowledge that’s needed in practical life.’

During his two-year study journey, Rishabh was an enthusiastic participant in a wide range of student opportunities offered by DBS which included work-integrated-learning and a study abroad program that enabled him to study the MBA summer program at WHU Management School in Germany.

Reflecting on his studies, he says the MBA(I) program made a significant impact on him both personally and professionally. 

‘It shaped me into the person I am today by providing holistic theoretical knowledge and making me feel comfortable in the business environment that’s allowed me to grow. The academic structure of the program was also very good and well facilitated by Deakin Sync [the university’s personal hub for student learning].’

Awarded Deakin’s prestigious Global Citizenship Award,  Rishabh’s advice to other international students who may be considering MBA(I) study is to be diligent about attending lectures, maintain a focus on ‘soft skills’, and learn to adapt to Australian standards.

‘Participating in class and networking is also really important. Great things are done by doing a series of small things together … keep motivated, look for opportunities and be proactive about study and finding job opportunities.’   

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