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Learning from industry in Deakin’s Master of Business Analytics.

Business Analytics is the next big step in an emerging professional area that promises challenge, excitement and reward.

Deakin’s Business Analytics students learn about ‘big data’ from industry heavyweights such as Accenture, Altis Consulting, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, IBM, Microsoft, PBT Group, PwC and SAS. Expert business analytics practitioners from these companies teach students, within the very walls of Deakin lecture theatres, how to make sense of data, and transform it into business visions for future employers.

‘Big data’ refers to the masses of data that recent technological advance has enabled creation, collection and storage of. IBM assesses that an estimated 2.5m quintillion bytes of data get created each day of which over 90% available has been produced in just the last few years.

Organisations realised that this data can now be transformed into valuable information – an indispensable business asset with the potential to support sound business decisions to get ahead of competition.

However, analysing data isn’t the be all and end all of analytics. What makes the Deakin’s Master of Business Analytics course unique is that 25 per cent of the core curriculum is taught by expert industry practitioners, who teach the students to ask the critical questions that facilitate meeting organisational targets: why is the data being collected, what will be done with it, and how will it be used to gain insights to improve operational and strategic performance of organisations.

Deakin’s Master of Business Analytics course design involved examining the full value chain of business analytics – beginning with information collection, studying data from text analytics and social media, followed by investigating how it all links to business processes, and then how to apply the knowledge culled from the analysis to add value to the business.

Whilst analytics has been around for a long time, it was only in 2008 that momentum started to build exponentially, triggered by Thomas Davenport’s book Competing with Analytics published the same year. It was then that Data Analysts were brought out from their nondescript work-stations and given their pride of place in the frontier role of business decision-making.

Business Analytics is the next big step in an emerging professional area that promises challenge, excitement and reward.

So for that big leap in your career, visit deakin.edu.au/business-analytics to find out more on learning about ‘big data’, straight from industry heavyweights, who know all about this new big thing in today’s world.


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