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When university feels like home

‘I’m extremely fortunate to be enjoying the ultimate university experience.’

Business and law student Yasmine Raki happily calls Deakin her ‘second home’.

Now in her fourth year a combined Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Commerce degree, Yasmine has already notched up many study hours but it's her commitment to a wide range of extra-curricular roles and responsibilities within the university that often sees her spending long days on campus – something she doesn’t mind at all.

‘I absolutely love university life at Deakin,’ she says. ‘My course offers a variety of unique electives (which I often can’t decide between) but I can honestly say that I’m extremely fortunate to be enjoying the ultimate university experience. The motivation to study my course and regularly attend classes on campus stems from my commitments and roles that require my attendance on an almost daily basis.’

Yasmine is President of the Deakin Commerce Society, a Faculty of Business and Law student ambassador, Accounting Advisory Board member and also a member of the Deakin Think Tank Challenge Committee.

‘Most of my roles entail leadership, and the ability to work amongst teams to further develop and grow the Deakin name and image. Through my leadership roles, I have been able to work with fantastic faculty members who have allowed me to continue to develop my leadership skills, and look to the future,’ she says.

Born in Australia, Yasmine moved with her family to Kuwait at the age of nine and lived there for the next decade. It was in this multi-cultural environment that she began to think about a career in law and finance.

‘After speaking with numerous professionals within both industries, I was advised to pursue a degree that would give me professional flexibility and advantage and Deakin’s Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Commerce seemed to be the perfect fit,’ she says.

She says the university’s flexibility around entrance requirements and study options was also a ‘crucial factor’ behind her choice to study at Deakin.

‘I was applying from Kuwait as a domestic student with British A Level qualifications, which was quite difficult. Deakin was the only university who was quickly able to convert my grades to meet domestic VCE standards. Deakin’s trimesters also provided me with the flexibility to travel back and forth within my first year of university to visit my family who still lived overseas while keeping up-to-date with lectures via cloud.’

As well as her university studies and responsibilities, Yasmine volunteers at the AED legal centre and also works part-time with two different law firms where she’s gained valuable experience in family, property, commercial and construction law.

While her law and finance studies helped her to meet the requirements of employment with the legal firms, she says it’s her extra curriculum commitments that have been the driving force behind her work opportunities.

‘My other roles at Deakin have opened numerous doors – such as undertaking a vacation program at Pitcher Partners – in addition to positions within law firms and acceptance into programs from the top commerce and law industry leaders,’ she says.

Yasmine adds that her responsibilities within Deakin’s Faculty of Business and Law have enabled her to work with a wide range of faculty members who continue to encourage her leadership skills and career goals.

‘Not everyone involves themselves in university life to the same extent, but for someone like me Deakin has constantly provided opportunities through the Faculty of Business and Law and I am grateful to be a part of the Deakin family.’

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