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The Myths of Automation and AI: What is really happening in our workplaces


Advanced Business Analytics Laboratory (ABAL) of Deakin Business School (DBS) would like to invite you to an inaugural seminar by world-leading scholar Professor Leslie Willcocks based on his latest research and book on Robotic Process and Cognitive Automation.

The Myths of Automation and AI: What is really happening in our workplaces

Based on research over three years into service automation, Leslie draws upon 85 detailed cases studies and four annual surveys to pinpoint the real developments in robotic process automation, cognitive automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) at work. The session will dispel many myths, and develop a much more complex and nuanced picture of the impacts of automation on the future of work. Drawing on his new book Robotic Process and Cognitive Automation: The Next Phase, Leslie will discuss How RPA is being deployed, the risks and the management actions that make for success. Using case studies in banking, insurance, management consultancy, transport and educate, he will discuss the promise and reality of cognitive automation and AI, including the challenges being experienced and the lessons from deployment. The session then points the way to future developments and the management actions needed.


Leslie P. Willcocks is Professor in Technology Work and Globalization at the Department of Management at London School of Economics and Political Science. The LSE is presently ranked number 2 in the world for business and management research.

Leslie has a global reputation for his work in robotic process automation, AI, cognitive automation and the future of work, digital innovation, outsourcing, global management strategy, organizational change, IT management, and managing digital business. He is co-author of 57 books on these subjects, and has published over 230-refereed papers in journals such as Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, California Management Review, MIS Quarterly, Journal of Management Studies.

He is a regular keynote speaker at international practitioner and academic conferences, and has been retained as adviser and expert witness by major corporations and government institutions in the UK, USA and Australia.

For blogs, interviews, videos, working papers and more information see: roboticandcognitiveautomation.com