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Experiencing Melbourne with an Australia Awards Scholarship


Obtaining an Australia Awards Scholarship has been an invaluable experience for me.

I will always remember how I prepared for it and how I went through the selection process. I recalled that I was jumping with excitement and filled with joy knowing that my dream came true. I ran to my wife and hugged her. I was speechless and surprised as this was my first time applying for an Australia Awards Scholarship. I know that the scholarship is a competitive and prestigious award, and from my friends’ experience, they have applied more than once to get the scholarship.

In selecting a university, I reflected on a course relevant to my job as a state auditor and on what I can contribute back home in Indonesia. I found that the Master of Commerce at Deakin University’s Business School has enabled me to enhance my capacity not only in auditing and accounting, but also my management skills.

Deakin’s Master of Commerce, with a specialisation in accounting, is a complete course that prepares its students to achieve an internationally-professional certification. From my experience, this course has forged me to become qualified with advanced skills and qualifications needed by an auditor.

Commencing study at Deakin was challenging. I had to get used to the learning system which required me to be focused and determined. What I learned was good time management as well as effective and efficient study is the key to being a successful learner. And Deakin has many learning tools and facilities for its students to encounter this challenge, such as the online assignment planner, maths and writing mentors, the Students Helping Students program, and guidance for improving academic skills (group work, reading and note taking, essay writing, you name it).

Moreover, the library provides the ease of access to plenty of resources. Through the online catalogue, students can borrow books and some books allow students to read online and offline. There are also rooms for group meetings with supporting facilities that help effective communication during discussions.

I really love Deakin’s Melbourne Burwood Campus and its atmosphere. It is clean and beautiful. The campus has modern buildings and a comfortable environment with various facilities that supports my study. In addition, there is a tram stop just in front of the campus which heads directly to the city. I took my wife and child to the campus to take photos at some of the landmarks, such as the campus bridge linking Elgar Road and Burwood Highway, the Deakin Cube, and other modern buildings.

Enjoying Melbourne with family is a medication for me whenever I get stuck with my study. Exploring Brighton Beach, St. Kilda Beach, the City with its landmarks, and many parks in Melbourne together with my wife and child, is a way for me to get rid of stress.

Originally published on Deakin Navigator.

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