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Deakin Business School Dean’s Seminar

You're invited to the inaugural DBS Dean’s Seminar featuring Dr Cameron Murray.

Please join us at the inaugural DBS Dean’s Seminar as Dr Cameron Murray presents the work from his eye-opening book, ‘Game of Mates: How favours bleed the nation’.

“This book will open your eyes to how Australia really works. It’s not good news, but you need to know it.”
Ross Gittins, The Sydney Morning Herald Economics Editor

“Australians pride themselves on their egalitarianism. But that’s wearing thin. Murray and Frijters are both highly trained dispassionate scholars but their conclusions will shock you. Or I hope they will. If their calculations are even half right you’ll be shocked at how far the Mates have their hand in your pocket!”
Nicholas Gruen, CEO, Lateral Economics

“If you want to understand what is going in the corridors of power in Australia and how deep networks of insiders are using governments to line their pockets you need to read this book. In my own area of urban planning, the richly documented cases described in the book clearly show how potential public benefit and potential revenue is being siphoned off into arms of selected members of the development industry. Governments need to be held accountable for these processes. This book will help Australians understand what is going on – it describes how a small but powerful group of insiders have their noses in the public trough in a range of industries.”
Professor Peter Phibbs, University of Sydney