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Commerce takes Tessa’s career to the next level

Deakin has given me the knowledge and professional edge'.

Working with a prestigious global jewelry brand, Tessa Douglas wanted a qualification that would give her both the skills and ‘professional edge’ as she transitioned into management.

Tessa is an assistant manager with Tiffany & Co and in 2016 she completed a Graduate Certificate of Commerce within the Deakin Business School.

Forging a promising career in the retail industry, Tessa began exploring a range of courses and institution options for her postgraduate study journey.

‘I’d completed an undergraduate degree at another university but I was looking for a more interactive class style with likeminded professionals. After researching my options and seeking advice, I knew Deakin would be the best choice for my career requirements,’ she says.

Tessa says she’s always been passionate about the luxury retail industry and the importance of building strong client relationships so she found the retail component of the Graduate Certificate of Commerce highly relevant to her work responsibilities.

‘It was by far the most exciting, insightful and relevant university class I have ever been involved in,’ she reflects.

 ‘The entire program spoke to an industry that I am so passionate about. DBS lecturer Alvin Lee’s knowledge in this area and facilitation of the lessons allowed me to see how I could fully commit to this as a fulfilling career.’

Because of Tiffany & Co’s significant global profile, Tessa often has the opportunity to travel with the company and assist with launch of new stores and training of staff in multiple locations across Australia and New Zealand. 

She says that since completing the postgraduate commerce qualification with DBS her career has accelerated.

‘I’ve advanced from a supervisor to assistant sales manager of the Australian flagship store as well as becoming a Melbourne Market Training Partner. As the Training Partner, I am now responsible for the on-boarding of all new staff members in the market as well as ensuring that all new initiatives are delivered to each relevant individual.’

Tessa adds that her study at Deakin has fuelled her passion to progress in the luxury industry sector and, as part of Tiffany & Co’s sales management team, she now has the opportunity to empower, lead and motivate a strong retail team.

‘I absolutely love the “people side” of the business, whether it’s with my colleagues or our clients,’ she says.

‘Studying at Deakin has given me the knowledge and professional edge to progress to the position I now hold within the company. The lessons and ideas I gained led me to be so passionate about my career. I’m very thankful that I took this course and I’m looking forward to more study in the future.’

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