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DeLMAR Workshop: Meta-Analysis

You're invited to DeLMAR's meta-analysis workshop with hands on learning.

DeLMAR are offering another workshop on Meta-Analysis, a follow up on from the event held in October, and will build up skills and awareness of techniques for those who have been previously exposed to Meta-Analysis and need to improve their skills.

The workshop starts with a discussion of the theoretical benefits of Meta-Analysis in terms of how it can advance theory and highlight previously unnoticed trends in the literature (presented by Dr Stephen Holden, Macquarie Graduate School of Management), then it proceeds to work through the processes and procedures of Meta-Analysis from basics through to more advanced techniques (presented by Chris Dubelaar, Josh Newton, Chris Doucouliagos, and Tom Stanley). The workshop is hands on and students will be given data to analyse so they can see how to apply the techniques they are being taught.

By the end of the day, you should feel capable of doing a Meta-Analysis from start to finish and feel empowered to start looking at more advanced techniques (e.g. Meta-Regression and multi-level Meta) for your specific tasks.