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Making the most of every opportunity

‘Go for it! Don’t let your current circumstances hold you back from achieving your dreams'.

Mallory Parkinson credits a wide range of internship and international experiences as a key factor behind her graduate employment success.

Completing a Bachelor of Information Systems (Major Supply Chain Management) in 2016, Mallory is now working as a graduate risk analyst with Deloitte and says the program’s ‘myriad of overseas and internship opportunities’ gave her the ability to put learning into practice and improve her professionalism.

‘It challenged my ways of thinking and I learnt more about the cultural and business differences in our region. Due to my experiences overseas, I was able to secure a position as a graduate risk analyst with Deloitte and most of my interview was discussing how I had applied my knowledge. Without it I doubt I would be working where I am today,’ she says.

Her scope of experience included an industry-based position at Bosch, a month-long study tour in China at the Shanghai University of International Business and Economics, a summer vacation program at Deloitte, an internship in Malaysia for business process improvement, and volunteer work in Vietnam.

Mallory chose to study a Bachelor of Information Systems because although she wanted to work in technology she didn’t want a career path with a heavily technical focus.

‘This was the reason I chose to take the business computing route. I was also interested in learning how businesses can leverage systems to make better decisions and creating information system strategies. I particularly was interested in data analytics and business process improvements using information systems,’ she explains.

As well as the program’s international opportunities, its flexible delivery enabled Mallory to balance study around other commitments.

‘Even though I was enrolled as on-campus student at Burwood, I was able to study a large portion of my degree online which meant I was able to work and access lectures and resources from home at my own leisure,’ she adds.

Many of the projects Mallory worked on during her course have now gone on to be highly applicable to her career. She says she particularly enjoyed the program’s interactive workshops and completing rapid prototypes in the Design Thinking unit.

‘My course has helped immensely in preparing me for my current role. I find myself daily referring to my old course materials for projects I am working on – you would be surprised how much you do remember after four years!’

Her immediate plans are now to complete the graduate program at Deloitte and accrue as much industry experience as possible.

‘Within the professional services industry, I would like to have my own business within the next five years. My dream is to be a Chief Information Officer of a listed company,’ she adds.

As the first in her family to finish secondary school, ‘let alone attain a university degree’, Mallory’s advice to aspiring students is to never give up on a dream.

‘Go for it! Don’t let your current circumstances hold you back from achieving your dreams, hard work and dedication will get you a long way. Find your passion and pursue what you love – and use your degree to take you the places you want to go.’ 

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