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Studying a Deakin MBA boosts psychologist Carly Jayet’s career progression.

After 10 years in both organisational psychology and private practice, psychologist Carly Jayet has recently been appointed to an executive management position with local government – a move that she credits largely to the study of Deakin’s Master of Business Administration (MBA).

In her new role as the manager of organisational development with the Forbes Shire Council (NSW), Carly now manages a wide range of responsibilities that are aimed at improving the organisation’s overall business and HR performance. 

With her studies almost completed, she says that the study of an MBA has already made a huge difference to her career options.

‘I know that Deakin’s MBA has been fundamental in me securing this executive role at age 32,’ she says.

Carly’s career journey began with an honours degree in psychology before moving to a senior consultant psychologist role.

‘I wanted to diversify my skillset and build broader opportunities outside the organisational development specialist area,’ she explains. ‘I am passionate about the development of business through people – the MBA has provided me with such a diverse learning scope and skill set to achieve this goal.’

While many universities offer MBA programs, Carly says she chose Deakin because it offered a program that matched her work and family commitments.

‘This innovative and diverse MBA program works very well for me – it’s 50% online and 50% face to face via world-class residential programs which I have thoroughly enjoyed so far.’

Now in her final year of study, she adds that the content of the units she’s completed so far has been ‘theoretically rich’ and is underscored by strong practical applications and highly-responsive lecturers.

‘I’ve loved the challenge of learning new material and having my skills and knowledge challenged on a daily basis. The constant application of my learnings on the job is the highlight for me.’

With the responsibilities of a young family, Carly has discovered some important strategies for juggling her family, career and study commitments.

‘I often jam pack my first four days of the week and try to achieve as much as possible so I can relax and unwind ready for time with family and friends on the weekend. Sleep, exercise and relaxation are key for me,’ she says.

With a highly-supportive partner and family, Carly says it’s about finding the unique integration of life and work.

‘I have to balance working full time, a family and a toddler as well as full time study but I love the challenge!’

She is also delighted that even before graduation, an MBA degree has already advanced her career.

‘The reputation of the MBA will put me in good stead for future roles and I am excited about how I can translate its content and continue to learn through the program.’

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