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Commerce study inspires global aspirations

"I am in a better position to secure a job in my field of interest".

Initially, it was an interest in numbers and problem-solving at school that kick-started David Santosh’s decision to pursue further study in commerce.

But while his knack for numeracy led him to complete business-focused subjects in VCE he was still unsure which field – accounting or economics – to focus on for his tertiary studies. Eventually, after researching the options, Deakin’s Bachelor of Commerce became his stand-out choice.

‘What appealed to me most was that it offered the opportunity to complete core units across different streams before I needed to decide on what to major in. At the time this was invaluable to me and it proved to be an important factor in my decision to study at Deakin,’ he explains.

Now in his final year, David says the flexible course structure has been one of the highlight of the program.

‘Having the opportunity to major in multiple fields – whilst still having room for electives – has been really important. These electives have unlocked unique and invaluable experiences that have shaped me into a more professional and global individual.’

The course structure also offered him a wide array of international study opportunities and in his second year he travelled to Japan with 14 other Deakin students to complete a work-integrated learning unit.

‘We were split into three groups and each team then partnered with a Japanese organisation to develop a marketing proposal,’ he says.

David’s team worked with the Courtyard Marriott Ginza Tokyo Hotel to create a cost-effective marketing proposal that was aimed at boosting the number of international tourists.

‘Not only was this experience invaluable to my career aspirations and personal development, but it was an incredible and genuinely enjoyable experience. At the start of my study at Deakin, I would not have imagined being involved with such phenomenal experiences,’ he says.

By providing opportunities to interact, build relationships and immerse in a foreign landscape, the Japan study trip also enabled David to draw on his academic knowledge while strengthening his practical marketing skills.

‘Although this experience was marketing based (and my majors were in other fields), I was able to take my academic knowledge and translate it into real-life application when developing the marketing proposal. This experience made me fall in love with marketing and I returned to Australia with a much better understanding of what I enjoy doing.  My potential career opportunities have now widened and I believe I am in a better position to secure a job in my field of interest,’ he says.

Completing his studies in 2017, David is now keen to seek a career path that’s focused on ‘making a difference’ in the world. 

He’s still interested in problem-solving – but on a broader scale –and is planning on taking the knowledge and skills gained through his degree into the field of humanitarian aid.

Philanthropy is at the heart of my career goals and I aim to have a proactive involvement in this area – whether it be volunteering on the side whilst working at a full-time job during the week, or ultimately running my own business with philanthropy at the heart of its existence – I am passionate and determined to achieve this goal.’

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