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How to make the most of your studies with a scholarship

"From a financial planning perspective it was a truly wonderful opportunity."

Studying at university can be a costly experience, yet all the while, a worthy investment into your future career and professional opportunities.

Deakin Business School (DBS) provides a range of options for students to gain support throughout their university journey – these include financial assistance such as scholarships.

For financial planning students, such as Matthew van Rooy for example, scholarships from a number of leading financial services organisations ranging from $5000 right up to $15 000 are on offer.

Matthew says that applying for a scholarship was just what he needed while studying his Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in finance and financial planning.

‘At the time I applied for the Edge Financial Partners Scholarship I was going into my second year of study,’ Matthew says.  ‘I was also working in a part-time job in my local town about four and a half hours away from Deakin. The travel between university and home did take a toll on my studies and because of this I thought it would be ideal to apply for the scholarship.

‘I was ecstatic when I received the news of receiving the scholarship as it was a huge relief. It meant I now had some financial support to allow me to concentrate on my studies without having to worry about travelling home often to work.’

The Edge Financial Partners Scholarship provides support for students on academic merit, which can be used towards their living and study expenses. Students receive $7500 cash scholarship over the second and third year of their major.  This particular scholarship is made available every two years and is open to all undergraduate commerce students who have completed their initial first year units and have elected to major in financial planning. 

Gaining any scholarship brings great financial benefit and Matthew says this extra support enabled him to focus on other aspects of his time at university.

‘Receiving this scholarship allowed me to utilise my extra time to pursue taking on other roles at Deakin and also internships,’ Matthew explains.

‘Gaining experience in the workplace is really important when seeking employment in the future, so I made sure to make the most of my time and continue to work towards gaining further knowledge.’

An opportunity not to be missed, Jacob recommends all students consider applying for scholarship opportunities to provide support for their studies, during what can be a stressful time for students. 

Matthew is thoroughly enjoying his time at Deakin and he is incredibly grateful for the opportunity, which has only added to his experience at university.

‘There are so many reasons why I’ve enjoyed studying at Deakin,’ he says.

‘After attending the open day here, I really loved the facilities and atmosphere. Both my siblings attend Deakin and a few friends were already here, so it gave me a good idea of what it was like. For me it was a no-brainer!

‘The friends I’ve made, the lectures and teaching staff we have access to – it’s been invaluable. The best thing about Deakin is the sense of community which you only get from a university such as this one – everybody is just so friendly and welcoming.’

For more information on the scholarships available to students, check out the University Scholarships and Awards page.

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