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Find out how honours will boost your employability skills

"Honours truly opens up opportunities in the competitive job market."

Employers and Deakin Business School (DBS) industry partners consistently give feedback that students who graduate with a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) increase their chances of employment and fast-track their career progression.

Undertaking honours also provides graduates with a pathway to further research studies.

DBS Associate Professor Kerrie Bridson says students have the opportunity to gain invaluable applied research project management expertise through an eight-month honours program.

‘Honours truly opens up opportunities in the competitive job market and our honours graduates demonstrate project management skills, advanced problem solving research skills and critically they know how to present themselves and stand out from the crowd,’ Assoc. Prof. Bridson explains.

‘We offer many opportunities for students to tailor a project to suit their interests and career goals, targeting specific industries and professional roles.

‘With research opportunities in areas as diverse as auditing, analysis of economic policy, equities and financial instruments, forecasting, marketing analytics and player management in sport, our honours program is your edge.’

Assoc. Prof Bridson adds that DBS faculty mentor students through the eight-month program and the invaluable ‘soft skills’ gained through the process, will help participants succeed in their chosen career.

‘The project specialisations students will complete through honours, are a key way to differentiate themselves in a very crowded graduate market.’

Specialisations are offered in accounting, economics, finance, management, sport management, human resource management and marketing. 

One of DBS’ recent honours graduates says that ‘honours speaks volumes to an employer. It signals that you have the ability to deal with challenges, work under pressure and think outside the box.’

Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) Coordinator Dr Melissa Parris adds that ‘DBS honours students are an integral part of the school and its various departments.’

‘Knowledge and new ideas are shared between staff and research students at all levels. The one-on-one interactions with thesis supervisors and other Honours teaching staff create lasting connections for your career,’ she says.

Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) Coordinator Dr Samarth Vaidya says that ‘honours is an opportunity to gain professional expertise and enhance employment opportunities in a discipline that you love.’

Join us for our next honours information session

If you are ready to take your studies to the next level, join us at our next information session and talk to our experts to understand how honours can help you boost your employability skills. You’ll also find out more about eligibility criteria and scholarship opportunities.

Additional information about the Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) programs can be found on the DBS hounours web page.