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Our students are blogging their way to success

"We want to encourage the exchange of ideas, opinions and attitudes."

While the blogging scene is dynamic and evolving rapidly, the benefits remain plentiful and include the opportunity to make a difference, to share knowledge and to gain exposure for one’s ideas.  

To encourage postgraduate business students enrolled in Marketing Management (MPK732) to think laterally and truly immerse themselves in a topic, they were challenged to write four compelling blog posts as their assessment task in Trimester 1.

Deakin Business School (DBS) senior lecturer, Dr Nichola Robertson, says that the purpose of this exercise was to provide a space for open dialogue and to encourage the exchange of ideas, opinions and attitudes.

‘This challenge required our students to apply the fundamental principles of Marketing Management to real-world marketing issues, as reported in the mass media and trade press.

‘Thus, it enhanced their ability to make connections between the principles addressed in our unit and the actions of organisations,’ Dr Robertson explains.

Students were required to engage on several levels. Through blogging they not only divulged their personal thoughts, but also considered things such as the format, timeliness, content and the application of theory to their chosen topic.

‘Importantly, the task enabled students to use interactive media and to build their skills as a blogger. Many organisations provide weekly blog posts so employers seek this skill.’

With the input of the teaching team, two blog posts were voted as winners.

Read our winner’s blogs

MBA winner: Mike Weatherhead

MBA runner-up: Angela Colantuono    

MBA runner-up: Pia Beukes

Other courses winner: Felicity Boath

Other courses runner-up: Ali Georgalas

Other courses runner-up: Ari Margossian

Prize sponsor statement – Bank of Melbourne

Congratulations to those students who achieved the best result for the blogging assignment in the postgraduate unit, Marketing Management (MPK732) at Deakin. Bank of Melbourne is proud to partner with Deakin University. As a bank born of this city and as a bank for the Makers, we love seeing creativity, connectivity and collaboration come together in the world's best city, Melbourne.

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