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MBA Alumni: entrepreneurship discussion

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The Deakin University MBA Alumni Chapter is excited to host MBA alumnus Joanne Plummer (Chairman of Barwon Water and co-owner of Business in Heels) as keynote speaker for a discussion on entrepreneurship. This will be followed by a panel discussion with Julia Van Der Sommen (founder of Sample Room) and Danielle Stewart, Managing Director of ‘Book in a Day.
With a chance to grill a panel of forward-thinking entrepreneurs on their business acumen, this is a great opportunity for you to learn and develop. 
This event is supported by our SPARK@Deakin project. SPARK@Deakin is an experiential program designed to give students, staff and alumni an opportunity to see and relate to the early stages of the entrepreneurial path. The program includes an opportunity to pitch for up to $20 000 funding, mentorship and office space as well as a series of entrepreneurial events, focusing on educating and training aspirant entrepreneurs regarding how to approach a project from a commercial perspective. Head to the SPARK@DEAKIN webpage to find out more.