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Malaysia Team Internship student reflections – part 2

"Remember you’re in a land of the mountains."

In a series of blog posts we are currently revealing our students’ experiences during the Trimester 1, 2016 Malaysia Team Internship. The second group has prepared some invaluable tips on travelling to and in Malaysia.

Organised by the Faculty of Business of Law Work Integrated Learning team, the program is a fantastic opportunity for undergraduate students of all disciplines and takes place in Malaysia twice a year (Penang and Kuala Lumpur).

Students are enrolled in the Team Internship unit (MWL301), which provides an opportunity to gain academic credit, while travelling the world.

For details about the Malaysia Team Internships visit our Enhance your Study website.

2016 Heng Lee heritage group travel tips blog

Team members: John Athanasou, Udit Sharma, Molly Jane Exton, Betty Kominakis

The flight tickets are booked, travel itineraries are shared, and we’re all set, bidding bye bye to our close ones and receiving bon voyage hugs in return.

20 Deakin University students have jetted off for the trip of a lifetime to Penang and we’d love to share with you some tips and tricks on how to make your journey to Penang a memorable one.

Travel is an exciting opportunity to experience different places and wondrous cultures, and before you go, it's a good idea to learn about the local news, laws and familiarise yourself with the maps of your surroundings.

Our top 10 tips

  • Use Uber and get ready to be surprised – your wallet might be thanking you down the track!
  • Communicate with the locals and don’t be afraid. They are always happy to welcome you and all speak English very well. But not all places are perfect, so be aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • Malaysia and Penang are all about food – so for food lovers this place is heaven. Even if you are scared of trying exotic new cuisines, Malaysians have a lot to offer, so you don’t have to miss out. Try and give it a go and don’t judge the presentation of the food. Try Durian.
  • Keep your phones charged and carry a portable charger if possible. This is not just for your safety and well-being, but also because the streets of Penang have lot to offer and your camera will be heating up while focusing on the heritage buildings, street art (the skills the art reflects will astonish you), and temples and mosques. So get prepared to walk and make sure you bring your sunscreen and always keep a water bottle with you to keep hydrated.  
  • For people looking for good shopping, Battu Ferringhi is highly recommended. You will be amazed and confused to see the range of products they have on offer. Our tip is to make sure you know what you want, or else by the end of the day, you will need some extra hands to carry your bags.
  • Get ready to explore. Remember you’re in a land of the mountains; well that’s what the country’s name infers. Find an escape route into the hills and mountains, you might regret it if you miss it. For adventure freaks, utilize your weekends and go trekking. But make sure you go out with a group and your friends, because the trails are dense and you might end up getting lost.
  • If you are looking for hotels to stay, scroll through tripadvisor, you can find some exotic places to stay, which can make journey a memorable one.
  • Some private tips: we recommend always carrying a toilet roll with you. Flat sandal are also important, for you now know that you have to do a lot of leg work.
  • Special recommendation: Try to visit some local artists; they master the craft of making old things new again.
  • Special tip – make sure you take insect repellent for the mosquitos; they seem to fancy visitors’ blood.
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