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Malaysia Team Internship student reflections – part 1

"We couldn’t have had a better time!"

In an increasingly competitive job market, it is invaluable to build a resume that has the potential to stand out from the rest. Undertaking an internship while studying will not only do just that, but also expose you to myriad other benefits, such as building your professional network and gaining real-world experiences in your industry. Adding a foreign country, culture and a dash of adventure to the mix, makes this prospect even more appealing.

The Malaysia Team Internship, organised by the Faculty of Business and Law Work Integrated Learning team, is a fantastic opportunity for undergraduate students of all disciplines and takes place in Malaysia twice a year (Penang and Kuala Lumpur). All you need to do, is check the prerequisites and enrol in the Team Internship unit (MWL301) and you will be on your way to gain academic credit while travelling the world.

If you are interested to hear what our students think about this internship read on. Over the next few weeks, we will reveal the reflections of those who participated in the Malaysia Team Internship in Trimester 1 on our newsroom.

2016 team iHealth internship highlights blog

Team members: Daniel Cassells, Jennifer Ta, Holly Vivian, Ronja Blomberg

Day 1: The Amazing Race

On day one, each team got picked up by a taxi that was awaiting us outside our hotel. Once the driver had taken our team to a secret starting destination, we were handed an envelope consisting of a map and paper with fifteen different clues on it. At a first glance it did not make sense at all! However, after asking a few locals what, for example ‘cheating husband’ could refer to, we realised we were on a mural hunting adventure through the heritage area of Georgetown, Penang (or as locals call it, Pinang). Not only did this race show us some of the most remarkable street art pieces of Penang, but we also had a chance to bond with our team and see how we would work together. It was a beautiful day with lots of memories.

Day 3: First day as an intern

All of us in the team were very excited and nervous about our first day at the organisation. We just didn’t know what it would be like to meet the hosts and what expectations they had of us. Our host, Ms Engie, turned out to be a super-lovely and bubbly lady with a great passion for helping others. We were aware that our internship organisation was the only one that was a not-for-profit and we therefore did not expect our office to be anything flashy – but rather something different that would be more of an experience for us. It was a great first day during which we got to hear about the organisation, Penang Family Health Development Association (FHDA), its vision and motto; and how we could help them achieve their current goal to increase their income by 300 per cent.

Day 5: Alumni networking night

The alumni networking night was very successful. We started off by grabbing a drink. The dress code was business attire; everyone looked so professional! Our guests were a few of the other hosts, as well as a former Deakin student. We all mingled for the first 30 minutes, until we were seated and a delicious buffet was served with all the traditional local fare. The desserts were definitely one of the favourites, as they looked so colourful and tasted fresh and fruity.

Day 7: AGM at the internship

Our team was fortunate enough to visit our organisation’s annual general meeting (AGM). We were handed a pink t-shirt to put on when we arrived, as well as the first edition of their 2015 annual report. It was interesting to listen to their stories recounting the previous year, as well learning about their goals for the future. Afterwards, we were invited to dinner at the office, which consisted of some different local food and again – delicious desserts.


Day 9: Penang Hills

As our organisation is closed on Mondays, we had the day off. Our team decided to explore Penang Hills, which meant we got to take the cable car up to the very top. The cable car was filled to the very last centimetre with tourists and took us up a very steep hill. It was so beautiful once up there, a view that shows the whole city as well as the bridge that leads over to Kuala Lumpur. Up on the hill, there was a so-called ‘love lock’ area where you can buy a lock in the shape of a heart, write on it with your preferred colour and then lock It along the fence that overlooks the city and nature of the Penang island. There were a few temples to be found as well as different tracks and some restaurants as well as a little trolley with pure coconut ice-cream, which was so delicious! If you enjoy a challenge, you can track up the hill and explore more of the nature, including wild monkeys, flowers and beautiful butterflies. There are a few stops where you can jump on the cable car if the track turns out to be too much of a mission. We would highly recommend to visit this place and explore one of Penang’s most visited attractions.

It has been an unforgettable trip with lots of memories and stories; we couldn’t have had a better time!

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