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Deakin Business School Alumni Charity Ball 2016

Join us for a night of fun in support of Backpack Bed Swags for Homeless.

Deakin Business School invites you to the annual Alumni Charity ball for an exclusive, formal event with live entertainment, food, drinks and dancing to support a very worthy cause.

Funds raised on the night will make a real difference to the lives of homeless people, as well as bringing back dignity through the provision of Backpack Beds.

About Backpack Bed by Swags for Homeless

Backpack Bed is a national charity that provides Backpack Beds to street-sleeping, homeless people without shelter. Founder Tony Clark and his wife Lisa, designed the life-saving Backpack Bed to give dignity to homeless people living on the streets. 

The internationally acclaimed Backpack Bed improves the health, dignity and comfort of those sleeping on our streets, under bridges and throughout our cities and is used by over 450 homeless services across Australia.