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5 ways a postgraduate business degree can benefit you

"Why not become the go-to authority on a subject you’re passionate about?"

Your undergraduate degree is behind you and you’ve climbed those first important steps on the ladder to success. Is the top rung in clear sight now? Or is it hidden somewhere beneath low lying clouds?

It’s easy to get discouraged if you’ve been working in your field for a while and haven’t moved as far as you might have liked. If you’ve lost sight of your goals, or need a complete change of direction, a postgraduate business degree is a great way to boost your career confidence and reinvigorate a passion for your chosen field.

Improve your salary

There are many reasons why we choose a particular profession, but, let’s not beat around the bush, we ultimately work to get paid. If it’s been too long since your last pay rise, or you’re ready to put your hand up for that lucrative deal or stellar promotion, postgraduate study could be the key.

Many businesses reward the knowledge and experience gained during postgraduate studies with increased responsibilities and, consequently, higher salaries. Studying while you continue in your current role shows ambition and a thirst for knowledge, not to mention exceptional time management – all valuable qualities for senior staff in any organisation.

A higher income naturally helps you feel valued, brings a sense of achievement and makes your time away from work more enjoyable, too.

Find a new career path

If you’re looking at changing jobs, your postgraduate degree is a bargaining tool that puts you ahead of the pack when a bunch of CVs land in your next employer’s in tray.

Postgraduate study also provides an excellent opportunity to reflect on your skill set and take a look around at where other business graduates are headed. Take your accounting background in a new direction by adding business analytics to your tool belt; or take your marketing career to the next level with a postgraduate management specialisation.

If you’ve ever lacked the confidence to step outside your comfort zone, a postgraduate business degree could be your ticket to a brave new world.

Further your career

If you’re lucky enough to already love what you do, why not invest in excellence? Postgraduate study can fast-track your knowledge of your industry by tapping into mentoring programs or exploring innovative business practices from around the world.

Take what you’ve learned in the classroom back to the boardroom and lead your team in creative, profitable new directions.

Make industry connections

Do you struggle to find time for networking in your industry? This can be a major challenge if you work long hours or have family responsibilities. Yet, industry connections are often the pathway to exciting career opportunities.

Deakin postgraduate business degrees value ‘real world’ experiences, including mentoring, work placements and residentials that put you face to face with industry leaders.

Your lecturers and study colleagues will be members of the professional associations, boards and voluntary groups that shape your industry. Tap into this valuable pool of experts while you work towards your next qualification.

Enjoy the pursuit of knowledge

Study is not just about ‘passing’ but actually about gaining complex knowledge of a particular subject area. And, postgraduate study in particular meanings honing your skills and becoming an expert in your field.

Why not become the go-to authority on a subject you’re passionate about? This may result in higher duties or a salary increase, but it will certainly result in a tremendous feeling of satisfaction.

Deakin Business School (DBS) encompasses six academic departments focusing on a comprehensive range of business disciplines: accounting, economics, finance, information systems and business analytics, management and marketing. It offers postgraduate degrees in areas ranging from sport management to financial planning, property and real estate.

Need to boost your career confidence? A Deakin Business School (DBS) postgraduate business degree could be the answer.

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