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Social media for overall channel lift – Spark @ Deakin

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Troy Townsend and Steve Hibberd started their company, Tiger Pistol, when they recognised a gap in the marketplace where businesses can use social media to provide overall channel lift in 2011. Since, Tiger Pistol has since been recognised by Facebook and was recognised as one of only two global Facebook marketing partners for SMEs.

Join Troy in an inspirational seminar, when he will discuss his success story and share his top tips with buddying entrepreneurs. 

Troy completed his commerce degree and Deakin Business School and has over ten years’ experience in the advertising, promotions and social media industries. He has worked across Europe, North America and Australasia and is now the co-founder and CCO of social media technology, Tiger Pistol, leading key client strategy and the interface between clients and product development. Previously, he owned a digital promotions agency called Insured Creativity, working with global brands like Unilever, American Express, Expedia, and Kimberly Clark.  

Troy Townsend biography

Troy has an immense passion for technology, specifically how technology can help improve traditional marketing methods.  

His business has expanded from its head office in Melbourne to a second office in LA and services thousands of SMB and Enterprise clients globally.?Along with his business partner, Steve Hibberd,  he raised $1 million in funding in 2013 and a further $3 million in 2014. Seeing tangible results for industry leading brands motivates Troy to push the boundaries of traditional and digital marketing.  

In his after-work hours, when he isn’t watching Ninja Turtles with his sons, he’s trying to find enough time to get in a run or surf.