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Future proofing sport

"The aim is to sustainably deliver sport for spectatorship and participation."

For centuries, sport has influenced the composition of our social fabric. And, as the sector continues to experience a commercial growth spurt of grand proportions, research efforts and policy making around future proofing the industry and, environmental sustainability as a consideration in future proofing, are becoming increasingly important. 

Expanding on her extensive work in the field, Dr Sheila Nguyen, Director Master of Business (Sport Management) and LEED Green Associate, recently visited Coventry University in the UK to host a panel, titled Future Proofing Sport: Strategies to protect our natural assets, for the university’s Global Leaders Program.

‘I moderated a panel of sport industry practitioners who gave insight into how we can future proof sport by protecting our most important asset, the natural environment.

‘I believe that discussions like this will enable us to continue to sustainably deliver sport for spectatorship and participation,’ Dr Nguyen says.

Dr Nguyen explains that the Global Leaders Program regularly invites guests to give lectures, hold workshops and panel discussions on various topics, to prepare students for their professional careers by connecting what they learn in the classroom to practical learnings, insights, and case-studies from industry executives.  

Panellists in this particular instance included Julia Palle (Formula E), Darren Crossman (Millennium Stadium and Welsh Rugby Union), and Russell Seymour (Marylebone Cricket Club and British Association for Sustainable Sports, BASIS).

One of the main aims was to forge an understanding of the interconnection between environmental protection and the sport industry’s role in the environmental sustainability movement.

Dr Nguyen says that educating future industry leaders will be integral to this process.  

‘A definitive benefit of hosting the panel was the ability to equip future sport managers with the awareness, wherewithal and appreciation of the need to protect the environment as a means to protect the future of our business.’

‘I am fascinated to learn more about how our planet can be protected and using the power of sport, and participating in panels such as this as well as undertaking research and sharing my findings allows me to address a personal interest in protecting our planet in a professional capacity.’

As Deakin University continues to identify and forge valuable relationships with university, school and program partners around the globe, Dr Nguyen says Coventry University aligns well with Deakin Business School’s mission and it was great to explore future opportunities, starting with moderating the panel.

‘Beyond working on sustainability and future proofing sport, it was great to visit the university to further discuss how we can deepen our relationship in order to reap mutually beneficial outcomes at all levels.’

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