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Why property and real estate was the right fit for Katarina

"It required you to think outside the box."

Since secondary school, Katarina Djordjic has held two strong career interests – working in business and working with people.  

So when it came time for her to move from secondary education to tertiary education, Deakin’s Bachelor of Property and Real Estate – with its core streams in business law, accounting, economics and marketing – matched both her interests and aspirations. Importantly, it also offered her the opportunity to gain valuable, on-the-job experience through a Work Integrated Learning unit.

‘The degree’s more specific focus in property development, valuation and property market analysis really interested me and it also allowed me to major in management – the area of business I was strongly drawn to. It’s also a field that focuses strongly on working with people,’ she says.

With her degree now almost completed, Katarina says real estate has become her passion and it’s a qualification that offers her a wide array of property-related professions.

‘It holds close links with professional bodies such as the Australian Property Industry, and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and is well regarded within the industry. Property and real estate is a major employment sector in the Australian economy so my long-term job prospects in the property field, both nationally and globally, are strong.’

She says that undertaking the elective Work Integrated Learning unit was a challenging and rewarding experience which has now led her into a career pathway.

‘Through this elective I was able to experience the reality of working in the field which has led to a full- time position in real estate. I’m currently working in the residential field which is providing me with the practical experience. Residential property is an ideal area to learn and prepare for more progressive areas of property.’

Katarina says she enjoyed the course’s challenging research tasks, as well as its focus on current issues and industry-relevant topics.

‘It required you to think outside the box by enforcing direct market knowledge and providing a real life conceptualisation of how it would be to work in the field.  I also had the pleasure of meeting some fantastic lecturers, tutors and mentors who provided guidance and helped steer my decisions in regard my future career and my success.’

Receiving high distinctions in her property valuation and development units, Katarina would eventually like to build her career in commercial property valuation.

‘I was really pleased to do well in these units, particularly valuation. The commercial property industry can involve a lot of research, time and dedication but this was covered during the course and was closely linked to real life practice.’

Now building the early stages of her real estate career, Katarina is looking forward to working in a field that she says affects everyone.

‘Property and real estate impacts us all – from living, to studying, to working. The improvement of real estate over time is important in all aspects of society and how it betters the way we live, both now and in the future.’

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