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Malaysia Group Internship student reflections – part 4

"That day every one of my team members came back to the hotel with a big smile."

The last part of our blog series featuring the Deakin Business School Malaysia Group Internship,  explores what our students experienced while undertaking projects within their host organisation –  and just how inspiring this program can be.

Students are enrolled in the Team Internship unit (MWL301) providing an opportunity to gain an academic credit while undertaking this unique experience.

For details about the internship visit our Enhance your Study website.

Blog 4 – Anna, Luke, Erandi and Charles

‘My name is Anna and my team, which also included Luke, Erandi, and Charles, was assigned to a government authority called the Northern Corridor Implementation authority (NCIA). We were allocated to the education sector of NCIA where their role is to design programs for particular areas of Malaysia.

On one of the days during our internship we were told by NCIA we would be visiting a university (as part of our project) as well as a mushroom farm. They explained the mushroom farm was one of the programs they had implemented and we were instantly confused as to why they were taking us to one of their projects, instead of somewhere that related to our given task. Boy, did we regret that thought!

The mushroom farm was at a school called Sekolah Model Khas Bukit Jenun (SMKBJ). It was a program that had the aim of educating intellectually disabled students through practical skills (growing mushrooms) instead of intellectual skills that most schools focus on. This was such as inspiring initiative to allow these amazing students a sense of opportunity after school.

That day every one of my team members came back to the hotel with a big smile, we were so grateful to be able to visit this school especially meeting the amazing students that have more practical skills than we do!’

Photo credit: Marcus Salvagno

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