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Malaysia Group Internship student reflections – part 3

"Have you ever thought about travelling to new and beautiful places around the world?"

Part three of our blog series relives an amazing race through Malaysia’s famous George Town. Each of the teams participated in this experience before heading off to their host organisations as part of the Trimster 2, 2015 Malaysia Group Internship. 

Students are enrolled in the Team Internship unit (MWL301) providing an opportunity to gain an academic credit while undertaking this unique experience.

Organised by the school’s Work Integrated Learning team, you can find details about the 2016 Malaysia Team Internships on our Enhance your Study website.

Blog 3 – Boi, Justin, Shehani and Anna

‘As part of the school’s Malaysia Group Internship program we have just spent two weeks in Penang.  Before we began the internship we got to know George Town through an amazing race.

Have you ever thought about travelling to new and beautiful places around the world? And at the same time, trying to solve challenging riddles with a group of people you just met? The first thing you probably think of is the show “The Amazing Race” – we did too! This experience was a mix of feelings somewhere between relaxing, exciting and inspiring!

It was a hot day in George Town, Penang (around 32 degrees) and the humidity made it even hotter! However, this wasn’t enough to dampen our spirits, especially when you’re looking at amazing UNESCO world heritage buildings and incredible street art that is widespread across the city.

Our task was to solve a list of riddles that guided us through one of Malaysia’s most prominent cities and experience its famous murals. While the other three teams were already well on their way, our team was still working out the first riddle. So, instead of spending any more time staring at a piece of paper, which we couldn’t makes sense of, we decided to start exploring. This actually worked out surprisingly well. We managed to find and take a lot of great pictures of most of the murals and find the first Chinese settlement in Malaysia.

It wasn’t until we met other teams along the way that we worked out we had already found a number of our riddles. Out of all the murals, our favourite was definitely the Bruce Lee mural. The story behind this particular piece of art was about raising awareness of neglected and abused animals in the town (which explains the photo to the left!).  Overall, we found our day exploring George Town really eye opening, not just because of the amazing art and buildings, but also because we learned about the diversity of people in Malaysia. It is comprised of so many different races, cultures and groups, all living together as neighbours. I think we were lucky to be able to witness this first hand. George Town, a small and former colonial city, is somewhere you have to visit when coming to Malaysia!’

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