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Malaysia Group Internship student reflections – part 2

"Although kilos were gained, it was truly worth it!"

In a series of blog posts we are currently revealing our students’ experiences during the Trimester 2, 2015 Malaysia Group Internship. The second group reflects on Malaysia’s rich culture, exotic food and impressive architectural diversity.

Organised by the Deakin Business School Work Integrated Learning team, the program is a fantastic opportunity for undergraduate students of all disciplines and takes place in Malaysia twice a year.

Students are enrolled in the Team Internship unit (MWL301) providing an opportunity to gain an academic credit while undertaking this unique experience.

For details about the Malaysia Team Internships visit our Enhance your Study website.

Blog 2 – Deenah, Jason, Niro and Ajok

‘We recently undertook a team internship in Malaysia, which means there were four of us working intensively for a host organisation in Penang for two weeks. During this time we had the opportunity to learn a lot about Malaysia.

Malaysia is a country of rich culture and history. It boasts a highly diverse population comprising various ethnicities, which collaboratively establish the unique aspects of Malaysian culture. From the very beginning over 1500 years ago the Malay kingdom, located in Bujang Valley, embraced traders from India and China who brought along with them the faiths of Buddhism and Hinduism – two strong religions which are still practised in present day Malaysia. The Islamic faith which comprises more than 60 per cent of the current population of the state was introduced one thousand years later by Arab traders who first arrived in Malacca. 

Although each individual culture has had its unique impact, they all have also collaboratively contributed towards the development of Malaysia’s incredibly diverse and united culture and heritage.  The city of Penang has developed its recognition through its tantalising food and tourism. The city is home to beautiful waters, delicious food and warm hospitality.

The physical attractions of the city are breathtaking. The Penang Bridge, which spans almost 14km across from Seberang Prai, is an attraction not to be missed. Penang is often referred to as the “Pearl of the Orient” as it is so rich in culture. Being able to experience the streets and cultural heritage of Georgetown from the comforts of a trishaw was truly a mesmerising moment for our team. Seeing how well the trishaw drivers knew their town and cherished their home was also very impressive. Each and every mural plastered on the brick walls telling its own intricate tale expressed through a mere image; a cat, brother and sister on a swing, boy reaching for coffee or even a shoe polisher – something we will never forget. The variety is endless.

The scent of the foods from little India tickled our taste buds and left us searching for more. For us the food definitely was the most amazing aspect of our experience; the fresh scents, intriguing flavours and cheap prices. Although kilos were gained, it was truly worth it!’

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