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The Deakin MBA: 4 reasons you should start now

"It can be a catalyst for a promotion or a pay rise."

The Deakin MBA is a degree that’s all about possibilities.

It gives you direction if you’ve just finished your business degree and don’t know where to go next.

It can be a catalyst for a promotion or a pay rise if you’re looking to take your established career to the next level.

These days, there are also many ways to complete an MBA, making it possible to access flexible study options, tailored to suit your lifestyle.

You might choose to take a career break and complete your MBA in the shortest possible time frame. Or perhaps you’d rather study your MBA online and stay in the workforce to continue building your career? Full time, part time, online, overseas – the choice is yours with the Deakin MBA.

Here are four great reasons to enrol in an MBA today.

Take your career to the next level

A quality MBA, like the degree on offer at Deakin University, provides access to a range of specialisations, including Accounting, Business Analytics, Corporate governance, Finance, HR, Innovation, and retail management, along with transferable skills that work across business domains.

A well-designed MBA develops business knowledge and personal skills that you can carry into any business environment, anywhere in the world.

An MBA can be that fork in the road where you get to embark on a whole new career adventure. Deakin provides career and course guidance counsellors and a tailored MBA career development program to help you choose the right path for you.

It looks good on your CV, in more ways than one

When you add an MBA to your CV, it tells your employer and colleagues more about you than merely your qualifications.

The fact that you’ve completed a degree whilst continuing in your profession or juggling personal commitments, for example, shows dedication, tenacity, and a willingness to invest in yourself. Your MBA is testimony to your skills in time management, multi-tasking and forward planning; not to mention a clear sign that you’re ambitious and willing to work hard towards your goals.

The flexibility of a Deakin MBA also allows you to select study experiences that will most benefit your career circumstances. New to the industry? Look for work placements, mentoring and introductions to Deakin alumni. Already established in your profession? Tap into the knowledge of industry experts and choose projects with direct relevance to your field. It’s your MBA, after all.

Time is of the essence

The number one barrier to undertaking an MBA for most people is time. Between day to day responsibilities, project deadlines, workplace training and trying to ‘have a life’, adding further study into the equation can be daunting.

Luckily a Deakin MBA can fit into your schedule, with many modules delivered flexibly via innovative technologies. Whether you study on campus or online, you’ll have access to internationally respected lecturers, libraries, industry networking and peer chat groups, at a time that suits you.

Whether you’re living overseas, working FIFO shifts on a mine site, or balancing business and childcare, an MBA is fully achievable with the right support.

Achieving excellence

Studying an MBA is a chance to excel in your field, so be sure to choose a course provider who understands excellence. The Deakin MBA holds the highest 5 Star rating from the Graduate Management Association of Australia, and it’s easy to see why.

The Deakin MBA leads the way in creating linkages between study and the ‘real world’. Courses are delivered by experienced lecturers as well as working managers who know what matters at the coalface.

What’s more, you can forget any ideas you might have about carrying a bag of dusty books to class! A contemporary MBA is media-rich and interactive, offering practical skills in e-research, social media and data analysis that: Skills and tools that are becoming central to best business practice.

Don’t put it off any longer. Study your MBA at a time and pace that suits you, and open up a world of possibilities.  

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