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Want to start investing in your property career now?

Property and real estate student Chris Torpy talks about his Deakin degree.

With ongoing demand for property development, record Saturday auctions and because it has established itself as a major employment sector in the Australian economy, property and real estate certainly is a great field of study to consider.

A father of three and working full-time, Chris Torpy says that it really is the ultimate industry to be involved in.

‘Property relates to almost anyone you meet.

‘We all own or rent homes, we invest or aspire to invest in the property sector in some fashion and there is always some point of contention for people to debate the topic,’ he says.

Chris had over 16 years of experience in residential sales and property management before he considered a university degree. But, his real passion was always to become a licensed valuer. 

‘For a long time I have wanted to work in valuations and as a result of my Bachelor of Property and Real Estate from Deakin, I have been fortunate to already secure a cadet valuer position with Preston Rowe Paterson in Ballarat.’

After graduating in early 2015, Chris is now spending 18 months gaining his Approved Professional Experience, which will then allow him to obtain the Certified Practising Valuer accreditation through the Australian Property Institute.

He says that Deakin’s Property and Real Estate program was the perfect fit, because he was specifically looking for an Australian Property Institute (API) endorsed course.

‘Deakin’s degree appealed to me due to the comprehensive scope of property related units. It was more than just valuation and had great relevance to the real estate field I was already working in.

‘I remember at the start of the degree that it seemed like it would take forever to complete and I cannot believe how fast the three years went by. For this reason I would strongly recommend to anyone who is considering study, that it really is achievable without too great an impact on your lifestyle.

‘That said, I was lucky to have the full support of my family, without whom this would have been a lot harder,’ he says.   

Combining study, full-time work and family life is by no means and easy feat, but Chris’ final advice is to sometimes take a break.

‘Work out a study timetable that works, stick to it and don't be afraid to allow yourself one or two nights a week without study. A set study structure is crucial especially if you are working full time whilst studying.

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