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How dedication and hard work paid with a RICS award

"It’s very pleasing to see acknowledgement by such a global industry body."

A final year property and real estate student at Deakin, Kym Squire is also a mother of two, works full-time and is considering becoming a tutor – in her spare time.

She says that deciding to take up university studies while leading a busy life was certainly a big step, but after 15 years working in the property industry, Kym wanted to document her extensive industry knowledge by gaining a formal qualification.

Winning the prestigious RICS award recently, confirmed that the hard work and sacrifices going into her studies have all been worthwhile.

‘It certainly gave me motivation to continue striving to achieve top results as it can be tough when you know you are so close to finishing your degree,’ Kym says.

The prize was presented by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) to the highest performing student completing a Bachelor of Property and Real Estate. It also includes membership with RICS, which is the world's leading professional body for qualifications and standards in land, property and construction.

Professor Richard Reed, Chair in Property and Real Estate at Deakin University, says that the internationally recognised award supports the high level of professionalism and commitment demonstrated by Kym.

‘It’s very pleasing to see that the hard work undertaken is being acknowledged by such a global industry body.’

Of her time at Deakin, Kym says that the variety of subjects keeps the degree very interesting.

‘The subjects are “real-world” relevant and have helped me succeed in the industry. The choice of major sequences also mean you can really target a specific field that you are interested in.

‘I have really enjoyed the valuation side of the degree and hope to be able to build this into my current position. My current role allows me to branch into specific areas of the industry that interest me, hence the reason for a formal valuation qualification.’

As a major employment sector in the Australian economy, long-term job prospects in the property field nationally and globally are strong with good remuneration. This is linked to factors including demand for ongoing property development, the need for valuing investment assets and the presence of property in many superannuation portfolios.  

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