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Want to know how you can boost your business skills while exploring Europe?

"Why wouldn’t you? International travel is so fun, and it looks great on your resume too!"

For the next three weeks, Deakin business student Lincoln James will be enjoying the sights of Angers, Paris and Budapest, while learning about the identity, economic, cultural and social intricacies of the European Union.

From the cobbled streets of medieval Loire Valley towns, to the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame, to Trinity Square and the famous Fishermen’s Bastion, these cities are global centres for art, fashion, gastronomy and culture and certainly pose an interesting case study for business students to explore.

When asked why he chose to participate in The Euro Business Management Study Tour, Lincoln explains that he couldn’t pass the opportunity to travel and have fun in Europe while gaining a credit point towards his degree.

‘Never having been to Europe before, I jumped at the chance to go. I’m very interested in International Marketing and while I’ve been to a few Asian countries, getting to explore France and Hungary will be a great insight into other countries and their culture.

‘Also, why wouldn’t you? International travel is so fun, and it looks great on your resume too!’

He explains that the benefit of participating in a study tour is to get a more international perspective on life and to become a more ‘Worldly’ student. He also sees it as a reward for having overcome the sometimes stressful and busy periods of Trimester 1.

‘Even though the idea of travelling to a totally new country is a little intimidating, I must admit it’s a great change from looking at books all day. Knowing that I’ll be travelling with fellow students and that we’re supported by Deakin staff makes all the difference and having fun in Europe while gaining a credit point towards my honours is a bonus,’ he says.

We’ll be following Lincoln on his journey to Paris and Budapest as he takes over our Twitter account @DeakinBusiness. Follow the conversation at #DeakinAbroad.

Lincoln’s Top 5 Study Tour Tips:

  • Keep an open mind, it’s always surprising how different everything is in other countries. Some of these may be pleasant, others less so. Think of it as a learning experience, and expect to be shocked at least once on your trip.
  • It’s possible that the food is also going to be quite different than what you’re used to. I know some of my classmates tended to eat a lot of McDonalds while we were in China. Definitely try (almost) everything at least once. Even you don’t like it, it’ll make a great story when you’re back home!
  • Try to know at least the basics of the local language, even if it’s just: ‘Hi I’m from Australia, sorry but I don’t speak….’ People are always very happy when you know even that small amount.
  • Make sure you have multiple ways to access money. On my first study abroad program (in China), my ATM card was swallowed the second day. Happily I had spares so it didn’t cause too much trouble
  • Make local friends! It’s always great having friends all over the world, and they’ll know all the great places to check out.
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