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Geelong Business Survey: here’s what you need to know

"Approximately 55% of businesses believe a common brand will enhance the growth of business."

Deakin Business School and the Geelong Chamber of Commerce conducted the first survey of business confidence and industry activity in the Geelong region in 2014. The confidence, activity, sales, purchases, profitability, investment, and planning of Geelong businesses were surveyed.

The research measured the benchmarks necessary to track the short and long-term trends in business activity, confidence and behaviour in the Geelong region. The research also collected information relevant to the needs of businesses and industry in the Geelong region for planning and other purposes.

Information about five aspects critical to business was collected. This included: (1) the type, age and employment of businesses; (2) business sales and profitability; (3) the purchase of goods and services by businesses; (4) business investment plans; and, (5) business perceptions of Geelong.

The first GEELONG REGION SURVEY OF BUSINESS TRENDS 2014 reports provides a snapshot of business activity and businesses’ views about looking to the future, business assistance and promotion, finance, policy, new projects, infrastructure and facilities, education and training, research and innovation, and attitudes.

Future research will survey businesses in the Geelong region in 2015 to provide a snapshot of 2015 and the trends from 2014 to 2015.

Please contact Dr Nicholas McClaren at nicholas.mcclaren@deakin.edu.au if you want your business to participate in the 2015 survey and to be advised when the 2015 report is published.

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