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A true test – why theory and knowledge is not enough

"Industry-sponsored assignments give you practical experience to feature on your CV."

Academic results count, but today graduates need to show potential employers that they have skills above and beyond their formal education.

Because employers want more, theory and the transmission of knowledge is simply not enough.

It’s the soft skills that will set you apart at application and interview and Deakin lecturer Dr Riza Casidy explains that authentic assessments are seen as a solution for helping students develop exactly these skills.

‘For assignments in my unit, I try to set authentic assessments defined as tasks, that test and develop the skills and practices students will need in their future careers.

‘The job market is very competitive these days and employers want graduates who understand how to work in real-world situations. By doing industry-sponsored assignments such as the one Medibank Private set for students stuyding MMK101 Marketing, students gain practical experience, which they can feature on their CV,’ Dr Casidy says.

Deakin student Julia Valente explains that completing authentic assessments as part of her Deakin degree is already giving her an advantage in the job market. She says that the knowledge and skills she has developed can be applied to many different jobs and areas of employment, not just marketing.

‘I would encourage any student to complete this unit because it will give you an edge.

‘It explores the basics of the marketing world and is a good starting point to learn the ropes even if you are not doing a marketing related degree.’

Deakin student Drew Corey adds that completing authentic assessments within the marketing unit, he learnt that it is definitely crucial to foster practical learning at university.

He explains that it has the capacity to set students up for the future and shows that you can apply your skills and knowledge to a real-life situation not just in the classroom. 

‘I found this course incredibly relevant and the learnings are immediately transferrable into my current role.

‘Most organisations are results based and particularly so if you work in front-line sales. To be able to apply practical knowledge is very beneficial and can give you an edge in terms of results over your competitors,’ Drew says.

Authentic assessments are a great tool to interactively explore the topic at hand. Looking for higher-order skills and demonstrated knowledge, students are able to gain a complex and multi-layered understanding through practical tasks.

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