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Adding value with new combinations in Property and Real Estate

"Dealing with property is essential in every business."

The high level of interest in the property market has continued unabated here in Australia in recent times. But it’s not about being property and real estate agents. There are exciting career opportunities including developing, investing and managing property. In fact, property affects all facets of society.

Professor Richard Reed, Chair in Property and Real Estate, said that professionals in the property industry are amongst the highest earning workers in Australia and in high demand globally.

'The course and discipline opens you up to lucrative and rewarding career options such a fund analyst, property manager, valuer, property developer or financial analyst.'

'Professionals in the business are well-respected and contribute greatly to the financial success of many organisations and companies. Dealing with property is essential in every business.'

The property industry has professionals working across a wide spectrum of financial, government and service sectors. Deakin University graduates in Property and Real Estate are highly sought after as private or government valuers, market research analysts, financiers, sustainability consultants, fund managers, property and asset managers, land economists and much more.

Deakin University also recently launched new courses which combine either Law or Construction Management with the popular Bachelor of Property and Real Estate.  This is in addition to the popular Property and Commerce combined degree.

Professor Reed said: 'Right now, you can choose to add even more value to your property degree, when you combine it with our Bachelor of Laws or Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours) – which are two fantastic industries to be working in.'

'With the Bachelor of Property and Real Estate/Bachelor of Laws combined degree, you will get a thorough understanding of both the law discipline and the property and real estate discipline, as well as building on the strong synergy between the two, in a five-year program of study.'

'You can tap into one of the biggest legal industries as a property lawyer, or you could take those your Law and Property skills into whatever global career you choose.'

Adding Construction Management will provide you with further knowledge in construction management, contract administration, quantity surveying and structures and more.

'Over the long term there will be ongoing demand for graduates with skills in both the construction, legal and property areas. The career options are practically limitless,' said Professor Reed.

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