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Entrepreneurship has become a buzzword in recent years. From start-ups to tech giants, companies are looking for employees with skill sets that cater far beyond ‘business as usual’.

The capacity to bring leadership and innovation to the workplace is proven to not only propel businesses into the future, but also enhance your personal career. 

Discover Deakin’s new joint degree
To help unlock students’ enterprising mindsets, Deakin University, in partnership with Coventry University in the UK, is introducing an exciting new Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship.

Delivered wholly online, via the leading-edge FutureLearn platform, this one year, part-time degree is set to launch mid-September.

It allows digitally connected students from around the globe to engage in a rich, shared learning experience; while balancing their work, family and lifestyle commitments. 


Learn what it takes to be innovative and enterprising

Rather than focusing solely on the start-up process, this Graduate Certificate takes an all-encompassing approach to entrepreneurialism.

It showcases how an innovative mind and skillset can be useful in employment, as well as in the role of an active social citizen.

Recognising the notion that entrepreneurial pedigree affects the entire lifecycle of a business, it also guides participants to understand their strengths and weaknesses and fosters an acute awareness of what drives leadership and innovation.

Students will gain an understanding that leadership and strategic purpose isn’t just about compiling a resume of their previous roles. Much rather, it involves creating a comprehensive portrait of their passions, interests and future ambitions; enhancing the ability to unlock their full potential and lead with authenticity.

Try this new degree for free

You can now start exploring the concepts and practices of innovation, leadership and enterprise by accessing a free two-week course taster on FutureLearn.

Co-developed by drawing on research, teaching and practical expertise from Deakin University and Coventry University,the Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship will equip you with the skills to propel your career to new heights.



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